A Russian hacker faces trial for hacking the local power grid

27 February 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

A 49-year-old russian citizen is accused of a cyberattack on a local power plant that caused a large-scale blackout in the Vologda region, leaving 38 villages without electricity.

According to TASS, a Russian citizen has been charged under part 4 of Article 274.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia for a cyberattack on a power plant that led to a power outage in 38 settlements in the Vologda region. The man faces up to eight years in prison. The investigation has been completed and the case has been referred to the court for a final decision.

The case against the Russian hacker who caused the massive blackout highlights the seriousness of cybercrime against critical infrastructure and the potential consequences for those who break the law.

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