TikTok has repelled a cyber attack targeting CNN and Paris Hilton

5 June 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

TikTok has faced a major cyberattack targeting several high-profile accounts, including media giant CNN and pop icon Paris Hilton. The growing threat of cyber security in the world of social media raises questions about personal data protection and digital security.

The cyberattack was discovered and remedied by TikTok officials, who reported a “potential exploit” targeting CNN’s account on the platform. The details of the attack methods are still unclear, but it is known that the attackers used direct messages or the DM function to access the victims’ accounts, which led to the blocking of some of them.

In addition to CNN, Paris Hilton’s account was also among the targets of the attack, although TikTok claims that her account remained invulnerable. TikTok is currently working with affected users, including CNN, to restore access to their accounts and implement additional security measures to prevent future attacks.

This incident highlights the importance of constantly monitoring and protecting digital assets on social media platforms. Companies that develop and maintain such applications must proactively combat cyber security threats and implement effective security measures to protect users from potential attacks and leakage of personal information.

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