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13 May 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Web page archives: exploring the past to secure the future

Web archives refer to a collection of historical snapshots of websites or web pages that have survived over time. Archival copies are stored in web archives or online digital libraries where they can be accessed by researchers, historians, or anyone interested in viewing a website’s history or evolution over time. Web archives use web crawlers or bots to capture and store information about web pages, including text, images, videos, and other media contained on a page, along with page metadata. These archives play an important role in preserving digital cultural heritage and ensuring that important information and knowledge remain available to future generations. Web archives are digital repositories that collect and store web content, including websites, web pages, images, and multimedia files. They allow users to access historical web content that may no longer be available on the live web or may have been modified or removed. Web archives work by periodically scanning and taking snapshots of web content.

Creating a historical record of the Internet accessible to researchers, historians, and others. The Internet Archive is one of the largest and most well-known web archives, but other web archives are available. Web archives play an important role in conducting investigations and finding information about a target. Today I will share a small selection of resources and tools on this topic.



Trove is a database management tool for OpenStack. It provides a simple and easy-to-use API for managing database instances and configurations, including backup and restore functions. Trove supports a wide range of database engines, including MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, and can be integrated with other OpenStack services such as Keystone and Horizon.

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UKWA stands for United Kingdom Web Archive. It is a non-profit organization that maintains websites and web content related to the United Kingdom. UKWA aims to ensure continued access to UK web materials for future generations, researchers and heritage organisations. It archives millions of websites, blogs, and other digital content, preserving it for future use and making it publicly available.

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Vefsafn.is is a digital archive that preserves and provides access to the Icelandic web. It is maintained by the National and University Libraries of Iceland and contains websites, social media pages and other digital content related to Icelandic culture, history and society. The archive is a valuable resource for researchers, students and anyone interested in Icelandic history and culture.

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Arquivo.pt is a digital preservation initiative of the National Library of Portugal that aims to preserve and make accessible the cultural and historical heritage of the Portuguese network. The platform archives websites, web pages, images, videos and audio files, allowing users to view past versions of websites and access content that may no longer be available online. The initiative also offers APIs and tools for researchers, developers, and other users to explore archived content.

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Archive.vn is a web archive that stores copies of web pages and allows users to share saved versions of social media links. The site was launched in 2013 and provides free access to archived copies of pages that users can use to cite sources, preserve information and evidence. However, some governments and ISPs block access to this site due to privacy and copyright protection concerns.

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TheOldNet proxy allows you to specify a connection port between 1996 and 2012, which represents the year in which all web pages visited should be displayed. The proxy server returns archival copies of any site from the Archive.org resource. Once configured, the web browser will display each website as it was in the specified year. For example, using the service, you can see what the first popular search engine Yahoo.com looked like in 1996, even before the appearance of Google, Apple or Electronic Arts in 2007.

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Stanford Web Archive Portal

Stanford Web Archive Портал- є веб-архівом Stanford University Libraries, які забезпечує доступ до архівованих версій веб-сайтів, онлайнових публікацій, і веб-базованих цифрових матеріалів, що стосуються історії та діяльності Stanford University і Silicon Valley. The archive includes more than 8,000 websites, and contains different types of materials, such as images, audio and video files, documents, and datasets, and all of which are available for research, study, and learning resources.

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Libraby web archives

Libraby web archives is a collection of web content dating back to 2000 that documents the cultural and political history of the United States. It contains millions of elements like websites, social networks, blogs, videos and more. The purpose of the web archive is to preserve these materials for future generations and provide access to researchers and scholars.

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Carbon Dating The Web

Carbon Dating The Web is a tool used to determine the date a web page was created by analyzing the content of the page and other relevant factors. The goal is to provide a more accurate and reliable way to date web pages for research purposes.

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