OSINT and Cyber Security News, Blogs and Publications (Part 2)

12 August 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Mastering OSINT: Discover the World of Cyber Security

One of the important aspects of the use of OSINT in cyber security is the prevention of incidents and the rapid response to them. Timely detection of threats, use of open information to detect similar attacks and analysis of vulnerabilities allow to reduce the risk of serious incidents and negative consequences. Overall, using OSINT and cybersecurity in synergy allows organizations to more effectively secure their digital security, respond to threats and attacks in a timely manner, and improve overall cybersecurity awareness and training. This interaction paves the way for more progressive and innovative approaches to protecting data and digital assets. Training, manuals, manuals and videos on OSINT and cyber security are becoming key resources for education and training of professionals in these fields.

These materials provide not only basic knowledge, but also an in-depth and detailed look at various aspects of OSINT and cyber security. They help create a complete picture of the threats, risks and opportunities facing organizations and individuals. Learning based on open sources and digital tools can help open the door to new opportunities to identify threats, analyze vulnerabilities and build cybersecurity strategies. Tips and practical guidance in the guides can be useful for those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of protecting the digital world.

News, Blogs and Posts (Part 2)

Hatless1der Blog

Discover the limitless world of cyber security and hacking. Read our blog for the latest news, advice and in-depth analysis from our digital security experts.



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Explore the world of digital forensics. In our blog you will find in-depth analyses, effective methods and the latest trends in the field of collecting.


Key Findings

Discover the top discoveries and trends in cybersecurity and OSINT. In our blog, you will find key findings that will help you understand the current challenges and opportunities of these fields of study.


Null Byte

Learn Cyber Security and OSINT from scratch to advanced level. Our blog offers in-depth knowledge and practical advice for those looking to learn the basics and improve their skills in these exciting fields.


Osint me blog

Discover the world of open source information and cybersecurity with our blog. Receive up-to-date news, interesting discoveries, useful tips that will help you become a real expert in the field of OSINT.


Intelligence with steve

Provides comprehensive and relevant training material on criminal and security intelligence. Designed for those new to the field, as well as those looking to upgrade or refresh their knowledge, the courses will give you the skills.


Lorand Bodo

Using logical operators and search filters is a great technique to narrow your search results But your search results are only as good as the query itself. This blog post discusses various tips and tricks for creating powerful search queries.



Brian Krebs Blog. Most of my computer and internet security knowledge comes from having regular and direct access to some of the smartest and smartest geeks on the planet. The rest, I think, probably comes from being willing to take risks, make mistakes.



My name is Wojciech and I am an experienced systems engineer, pentester, security analyst and OSINT researcher. During my professional career as a cyber security expert, I conducted analysis for companies across Europe. I have participated in many projects for large corporations.


Maltego OSINT  blogs

Our goal at Maltego is to be an integral part of any effective investigation. We want to achieve this by creating an ecosystem of tools, data, and people that enable researchers to uncover the truth, discover hidden connections, and ultimately protect and empower humanity.



I am an experienced investigator and cyber security specialist. I specialize in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and have over 15 years of experience conducting Internet investigations. In my career in law enforcement, I was a detective, focusing on cybercrime, digital forensics and internet research.


Osint combine blog

Discover the world of open source information and cybersecurity through our blog. We bring together knowledge, advice and information from various sources for you. Expand your horizons and improve your skills in these specialized fields.


Osint curio blog

Discover and learn about the unique aspects of open source information and cybersecurity through our blog. Take a break from general knowledge and learn about interesting research, tips and insights that will help you become more competent in your field.



Learn about cyber security and OSINT through our blog. We reveal the secrets, tips and guidance on how to improve your skills in these important areas. Learn how to stay protected and well-prepared in the world of digital research and security.


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