OSINT and Cyber Security News, Blogs and Publications (Part 3)

12 August 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

OSINT: Intelligence and Cyber Security

Video tutorials and educational videos can help you gain practical experience and skills that can be directly used in practice. The interactive nature of the video ensures a more effective learning of the material and helps to feel the authenticity of the situations faced by OSINT and cyber security professionals. Overall, OSINT and cybersecurity training, manuals, manuals, and videos help increase knowledge and competency in these critical areas. They contribute to the formation of experts with a high level of awareness and skills that are key to ensuring security in the digital world. This interaction also promotes the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices between specialists from different fields. Open access to instructions and manuals helps create a community that grows together and works together to solve complex problems.

The combination of OSINT and cybersecurity knowledge enables the creation of deep and comprehensive strategies to protect against digital threats. Separate attention to different aspects helps to identify threats and risks in the early stages and respond to them in time. At the same time, cybersecurity training and guides help increase awareness among users and help build a culture of safety on the Internet. People are becoming more aware and know how to implement basic security measures in their digital lives. All of this makes OSINT and cybersecurity training, manuals, guides, and videos essential components of creating a secure and resilient digital environment. These resources improve learning and help ensure effective protection against digital threats.

News, Blogs and Posts (Part 3)

Petro Cherkasets

Written by Petro Cherkasets. Blogs about OSINT, about cyber security, and in general everything related to this topic.


VEEXH medium

AI and Intel’s expert combination of OSINT, HUMINT and threat analysis. Innovation and expansion of knowledge boundaries for organizational success.


Secjuice OSINT articles

A selection of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) related articles written by members of the Secjuice team of authors.


Wojciech Offensive OSINT

My name is Wojciech and I am an experienced systems engineer, pentester, security analyst and OSINT researcher. During my professional career as a cyber security expert, I conducted analysis for companies across Europe.


OSINT / SE – translated articles

This is a list of translated articles in the field of open intelligence (OSINT) and social engineering (SE). This list collects articles that have been translated from other languages into the current language to make OSINT and social engineering knowledge.


The Security Noob

In the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, malware and data protection, Tim Raines’ Cyber Security, Malware Threats, Trends and Strategies provides invaluable insight into the current and future state of cyber security.


The OSINT Journal

The OSINT Journal is a open source information, OSINT, on major issues related to global security, terrorism, counterterrorism, intelligence gathering and analysis.



The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, protect yourself from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator.



Trace Labs is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the reunification of families of missing persons while training members in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills.


Skopenow BLOG

A blog associated with Skopenow, a company specializing in the collection and analysis of large volumes of open source intelligence (OSINT) for intelligence and analytical purposes. This blog may contain materials, articles, news and tips related to the use of open data sources for intelligence gathering, threat analysis, identity verification.


Renato Trabucco OSINT Analysis

In his articles, Renato Trabuccio can cover various aspects of OSINT, such as sourcing techniques, Internet information searches, social media data analysis, and other techniques used to collect and analyze open source data. His materials may also cover topics from the world of cyber security, information security and social engineering.


Micah Hoffman’s Personal Blog

This is the personal and very high-quality blog of Mike Hoffman, a well-known expert in the field of open source intelligence (OSINT) and digital investigation. On this blog, Mike shares his thoughts, experiences, insights and practical advice on collecting and analyzing open source information, digital forensics and various aspects of cyber security.


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