A guide to hacking with Kali Linux

31 May 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Hacking Mastery with Kali Linux: A Cyber Security Expert’s Guide

Enjoy a guide to hacking using Kali Linux, a powerful tool for penetration testing and cyber security. With this handy guide, you will learn about the most modern methods of penetration testing and exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems. Our guide offers you an in-depth study of the basics of Kali Linux that will allow you to effectively use its power to conduct ethical hacking challenges. You’ll learn a variety of techniques, including port scanning, packet capture, password cracking, vulnerability analysis, and more. Our guide focuses on ethical hacking, which means we support the legal and ethical aspects of using these skills. We provide a thorough understanding of the ethics of hacking and the importance of system security.

Learn the latest methods, tools, and techniques used in the hacking world, but always do so with the goal of improving the security and protection of your own information. The knowledge gained from our guide will help you become a cyber security expert and effectively protect your systems from potential threats. Whether you are new to the world of hacking or already have some experience, our guide to hacking using Kali Linux will be your indispensable assistant. Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become a virtuoso in this exciting field of cyber security. Order the manual now and unlock the potential of Kali Linux in your hacking adventures! Protect, explore and improve the digital world with Kali Linux and our comprehensive hacking guide.

Hacking with Kali Linux

Why Kali Linux?

With Kali Linux, hacking becomes a lot easier because you have all the tools (over 300 installed utilities) that you could ever need. In addition, you can easily download additional applications. This guide will help you figure it out and you won’t even know when you start hacking.

The problem with newbies

I have been communicating with newbies for a long time. They often need magic. A simple Windows-based tool that can be downloaded by doing a Google search and clicking on the first link, it will do everything automatically and users only need to click a button. Unfortunately, such tools do not exist. Hacking is an art and it takes years of practice to master. Where to start? It’s fine if you don’t know anything about hacking, but you can’t be a complete hobbyist who just happens to have a computer. For starters, I mean users who are new to programming and hacking, not people who need full instructions just to download a tool. If you want to be a hacker, you have to work hard.

Getting Started

I won’t bore you with the theory (as if it wasn’t all theory). My goal is to get you to the point where you can start hacking with Kali Linux as quickly as possible. So I’ll just tell you what to do. Now the real trouble begins. If you have no experience with Linux, virtual machines, and other such discussions, installing and running Kali Linux will be a bit difficult.

You have 2 options:

  1. Read the official Kali documentation. From it you will learn what a virtual machine is, how to run an OS from a USB drive, as well as create a partition and install 2 OSes on the computer at the same time.

  2. Read my edited version of the Kali documentation

Another option is to check out these posts, which are a modified version of the Kali documentation. This will save you a few hours as the white paper contains a lot of extra information that you don’t need to know.

Command line interface

If you are really sure that you want to become a hacker, you will have to get used to linux and in particular the command line interface. It is often compared to the Windows command line, but the Linux terminal is much better and more efficient. You will have to perform all the usual tasks in the Linux command line. Use cd to navigate, poweroff to turn off the computer, etc.

Some useful commands:

If you don’t plan on learning all the linux commands, here are some useful things to keep you afloat.

  • The standard login and password are “root” and “toor”.

  • Type “poweroff” in the terminal to turn off the computer.

  • The apt-get command can be used to install tools and updates.

  • “apt-get update” and “apt-get upgrade” allow you to update all the programs installed on your machine.

  • “apt-get dist-upgrade” install the latest Kali distribution (i.e. upgrade your OS).

Note: Pressing the Tab key while typing will cause Kali to complete the words for you. Double-clicking Tab will display all possible endings for an incomplete word. Ctrl+c stops any running tool. Pressing the up arrow shows the last command.

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