What are the common mistakes in creatives?

26 April 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

What are the mistakes in creatives

Creative is, in fact, any advertising on the Internet: in social networks, on YouTube, in search engine results, on websites. It comes in the form of promotional videos, posts on Facebook and VKontakte, paid ads (Google, Yandex context), banners, etc. The goal is to attract the attention of a potential customer and make him take a targeted action (purchase of goods, subscription, filling out a form, etc.). Naturally, the further it is, the harder it is to lure the user: there is a lot of advertising, and marketers, arbitrageurs have to twist in different ways to get a lead. Advertising is essentially creativity, it is created by people for people. This factor largely determines that mistakes in creating or conducting advertising campaigns are inevitable. We have collected in the material unpleasant mistakes in creatives, which are better to avoid in order to earn more in arbitration. Advertising tires many people – it’s true. However, there are mistakes in creatives that force even the most persistent and loyal users to leave the resource or close the displayed ads at once. What can it be? Summarizing the above, we can say that the main reason for mistakes in creatives is the laziness of the one who creates it.

After all, it is because of it that advertisements stolen from a competitor appear and are banned. Because of it, there are carelessly created creatives that are not interesting to anyone. Because of it, creativity is full of primitive calls to action, instead of thoughtful, original triggers. The second reason is the opposite, namely to overdo it. Instead of a clear video – a complex video with rapidly changing angles. Instead of a simple design – a difficult to perceive advertisement. Everyone has their own secrets, no one knows 100% of strategies that work, but how to do it is not necessary – read on.

Selling in the forehead

People do not like intrusiveness and outright call to buy. Such ads scare away, not attract. It is quite another thing when the consumer is informed about the opportunity to take a trial lesson for free, get a bonus/discount when buying or subscribing. That is, a person does not feel like a “piece of target audience” and another line in the plan of the sales department. People are attracted to something pleasant, interesting and beneficial for them, not a pushy call.

If there is no option to make discounts, you can emphasize the opportunity to try on clothes / try out new equipment / lie on a comfortable mattress (alternative to freebies). This intermediate step can be important when choosing a product.

Information overload

Brevity is the sister of talent, and this rule also works in advertising. Try to put the main essence in the creative in a concise form. If you still get too much text, then check again: is it possible to delete a few words or rephrase a sentence?

It is better to leave to the creative: the essence of the offer, the name of the company (you can do without the logo if it is capacious and known), pricing policy (briefly, the price range) and bonuses / promotions. When creating an advertisement, you need to take into account that a person will often have a few seconds to view and analyze it, and he must catch the main thing. By the way, contrast and the presence of spaces in the text will help to highlight the main message.

Value, not goods

Despite the fact that we want to sell goods, the buyer must feel that they are cared for and want to satisfy their needs. That is, you need to sell the value of the product, answering the question “Why should the customer choose your product?”. It can be a solution to your problem (physical goods) or an emotion (most often, services).

For example, the advertisement of “Kinopoisk” can be “Your favorite movies without restrictions and advertising”. And if we want to sell thermal mugs, we can use the slogan “Light and warming, keeps warm for up to 5 hours”.


The power of advertising in offline. The client can forgive mistakes in visuals and text if he was made an offer that is difficult to refuse. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the offer – short, clear and attractive. Use those pains and needs that are important for people in your chosen field. And, of course, discounts and promotions still work. For example, finding comfortable and beautiful clothes for small children is a headache for many parents.

One product – one advertisement

This rule (and error) does not apply to advertising of highly specialized companies. For example, a business that sells appliances (like DNS) or household goods (like Domovoy). You should not advertise a drill and a smartphone or a chandelier and bed linen in one ad. Choose one product for your creative and work with it.

The same applies to services. You can not specify separately in the ad hip-hop, break dance, high heels and aerobics, and combine everything with the word “dance”. Or return to the “Offer” item and focus on the problems and needs of people that your company can solve. For example, if you are tired of repairs and want to sleep in your bed as soon as possible, then most of the goods in “Domovyi” can be useful to you, not just a drill.

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