Evgeny Dokukin

12 June 2024 2 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Evgeny Dokukin was born and raised in Ukraine. Since childhood, he was fascinated by computers and information technologies, which led him to study web security. Starting in 2005, Dokukin began to inform site owners about discovered vulnerabilities for free, which became his social assistance and at the same time advertising his professional skills

Yevhen has been involved in web security since 2005, creating his own website where he published the results of security research. He was involved in website audits, finding and fixing vulnerabilities, and quickly established himself as an expert in this field.

Establishment of “Ukrainian Cyber ​​Troops”

With the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014, Dokukin founded the volunteer organization “Ukrainian Cyber ​​Troops” (UKV). The UKV’s first significant actions included the “cancellation” of the illegal Crimean referendum on the website of the Supreme Council of Crimea and the “resignation” of pro-Russian leaders Aksyonov and Konstantinov by posting relevant messages on the website.

Founded by Dokukin, “Ukrainian Cyber ​​Troops” carried out various cyber operations, including:

Blocking of electronic accounts of terrorists: About 320 virtual accounts containing more than 10 million US dollars were blocked in two years. This helped limit the financing of terrorist organizations in eastern Ukraine.

Hacking websites and information operations: VKV engaged in hacking websites of terrorist organizations, blocking their accounts in social networks and conducting DDOS attacks. They also conducted audio and video surveillance, recording and analyzing the terrorists’ conversations.

Information security support: Dokukin’s organization actively worked on spreading information about cyber threats and protecting Ukrainian resources from cyber attacks.

Challenges and interaction with state bodies

Dokukin repeatedly faced the lack of due attention from Ukrainian state authorities. Most of the information collected by the VHF was ignored by the Security Service of Ukraine and other agencies, which made it difficult to fight effectively on the cyber front.

Despite the challenges, Yevhen Dokukin continues his activities in the field of cyber security, working on new projects and supporting the defense of Ukraine on the cyber front. His efforts have received recognition among colleagues and the international community, making him one of the key figures in the field of cyber security in Ukraine.

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