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5 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

For you, YouTube is only recreation?

In our time of technology and progress, humanity is developing in every field of activity imaginable. Rest is one of the key moments in the life of every person, rest also develops and goes hand in hand with the latest technologies. Rest is also different and is usually divided into active and passive. As a rule, family and work take a lot of effort and time from a person at a conscious age, so there is neither time nor desire for active recreation. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people choose a passive type of recreation, they prefer Youtube instead of cable TV, being anywhere in the world and doing whatever they want. Two words form the name of the site: you (“you, you”) and tube (translated as “pipe”, in slang “television”). This comes from the specifics of the portal, because from the very beginning it was developed as a site where you can upload videos, share them with other people and watch videos that someone else has uploaded.


Now YouTube has truly become the Internet equivalent of television. And if I tell you that using YouTube you can not only have fun, watching cartoons of your choice or watching a new release from your favorite blogger? Here you can also find a huge amount of educational, news, educational and exciting content related to almost any question that a person may face in everyday life. In fact, nowadays YouTube is one of our closest friends. We have made a selection of YouTube channels for you, which are more relevant than ever in our activities with you. Using these resources, you can not only yawn, mindlessly looking at something interesting, but also pick up goodies that may be useful for you.

A selection of useful channels for a hacker

We urge and recommend everyone to use exclusively licensed software, but information is available in different places. The content is very versatile: from jokes to data leaks, so we want to advise you to use virtual machines or sandboxes (on an isolated laptop on which you are not afraid to lose any information) to protect yourself as much as possible, also I suggest that before opening any file, throw it and check on VirusTotal.



Here are some solid tips to help you stay safe online. We like to keep things light.The channel features life hacks and news content about cyber security.

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Security Show

Steve Gibson, the man who invented the term “spyware” and created the first anti-spyware program, the creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, today discusses current security topics.

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My goal is to help as many PEOPLE as possible to make a career in the IT field. The guy releases educational videos, the knowledge of which you can use for your own purposes.

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It’s a simple mantra chanted over hundreds of episodes. We live it. We breathe it. We invite you to share this simple love with us. The purpose of the channel: to promote the information security industry.

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The channel for all SpiderFoot and SpiderFoot HX tutorials, step-by-step instructions with new features and insights to get more from your OSINT, whether for intelligence, threat intelligence, perimeter monitoring or investigations.

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I will tell and show you how to hack and how to protect yourself from hacking, how to collect information and how it can be used.

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The channel is hosted by a guy who very beautifully tells and describes the IT culture. The life of Haitians from the inside.

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Гоша Дударь

One of the largest programming channels in the Russian segment. A channel of selections of video lessons and instruction.

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My content is created for pentesting and information research, so you will often hear the words “f*m, x*ker, etc.

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UnderMind is a specialist in information security. A fan of ethical hacking. The channel is dedicated to IT topics.

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IT-спец.Денис Курец

My name is Denys Kurets (better known on the network under the pseudonyms Hacking in Russian and White Admin). I am a specialist in IT.

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