Tindorc bot. Telegram bot for collecting Tinder profiles

5 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

How can a dating app help the war?

It’s very simple, Tinder is a global platform for online dating, where you can meet and find new friends, build relationships and simply communicate with users in more than 185 countries. The application uses the technology of determining your location to show the profiles of other users based on the filters chosen by you and him, such as location, distance, orientation, capture, etc. To specifically search for profiles of Rashist, you need, of course, to have a Tinder profile with fake data , it is desirable to create a girl’s account and put it in the search for men. Tinder is based on the recommendations of users near you, so in order to find potential matches, you should change your location to any of the temporary areas of Mordor, because there will be more potential soldiers in such areas. A potential Telegram-bot-based OSINT support tool has been created to collect profiles of Tinder matchmakers.

@tindorc_bot works as a custodian of information about copepods (first of all, we are talking about the Russian military). Once a prospect profile is submitted, it is moderated and stored in a database for future follow-up. In the US, five dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Match, Plenty Of Fish and Zoosk) are consistently in the 50 most popular apps in the Apple Store, and thanks to the World Cup, Tinder’s traffic exceeded the traffic of all messengers and social networks by 11 times. It is obvious that dating applications are gaining more and more deserved popularity, because they have made the process of meeting people much more convenient.

From the Tinder mobile app

The easiest way to share a profile on Tinder is to share a link to it from the mobile app. The profile link generated is temporary, however the bot will retain a permanent profile ID.

  1. Go to profile view. A red button with a down arrow should appear at the bottom right of the photo.

  2. Click on the three dots on the top left.

  3. Click on the “share” option and select the Telegram bot @tindorc_bot. The bot will receive the link and save the profile in the database.

From the tinder.com web app in your browser

Unfortunately, the web version of Tinder doesn’t currently support the share profile feature, so a little JavaScript magic will be required.

  1. Go to the profile view page. A red button with a down arrow should appear at the bottom right of the photo.

  2. Open “Developer Tools” (F12 in Chrome/Firefox) and go to the “Console” tab.

  3. Copy the following code into the console and execute it by pressing Enter:

The profile’s name and UID (unique identifier) should be displayed in the console. If the code did not work, make sure that you are on the profile page. Copy the UID and send it to the Telegram bot @tindorc_bot. The bot will receive a profile and save it in the database.

Using the tinder.com web app in your browser

The instructions are for Chrome, but the ability to change the location is also available in other browsers.

  1. Open an incognito Chrome window and sign in to your Tinder account.

  2. Before the application receives approval to receive geolocation, open “Developer Tools” (F12). Open the “Sensors” tab (three dots at the top right >> “More Tools” >> “Sensors”).

“Other” as your location and fill in the “Latitude” and “Longitude” fields. The required values can be copied from Google Maps.

After setting the values, you can give the application geolocation and start swiping. Keep in mind that Tinder does not allow you to significantly change your geolocation for less than a certain amount of time.

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