History of the portal


In Ukraine, we mommy hackers from Kharkiv launched a portal for the sofa army. Where the necessary knowledge, instructions and tools for cyber warfare have been collected for cyber warriors. The portal, school and academy of mommy hackers are dedicated to information security. It is both an informational and educational project that provides all the necessary instructions for destroying the adversary in cyberspace.

I knew that it would be difficult as always, many people wrote that it is not possible, it is not necessary, it is necessary to do something else, it is not my mind and so on. But I tried and after a year with a hook, I can say with confidence that no matter what, I will move on and I want you to move too. At the beginning of our journey, our team consisted of 8 people, and believe me, guys, less than half of them heard out of the corner of their ears and saw through the eyes of a rat what the IT industry is like as a whole. During the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, part of my team was already preparing a bootcamp and waiting for the rest of us from Kharkiv with open arms. In my arsenal were: journalist, translator, pm (who prepared the bootcamp, special thanks to them for this), hr, athlete, editor, designer, volunteer and your humble servant.

After sitting down and figuring out who can do what, I immediately realized that if I cheated a little, I would have a full-fledged team in my arsenal to create my old and beautiful idea, namely an educational portal, thanks to which every person from any field could by devoting time and making a little effort and desire – to become part of the couch army to fuck the movement together. Mother hackers, believe me, I can say with confidence that the most important thing in life, what is needed to achieve something, is desire and motivation, I was convinced of this more than once. After voicing my idea about creating an educational portal of sofa cyberwars to the team, I heard different opinions, with someone we disagreed, because creating a portal is a long game and we needed more short-term actions, and someone supported and said that this is what we need to spend time in such a difficult situation for all of us. I was sure that if I put in a lot of effort, everything would work out, and no matter what, I decided that it was necessary to start right now, that same evening, after finding a sysadmin in the village 😂 and the next morning after receiving a pidgin from Ilon, we began to actively think about how to do it all quickly and efficiently, i.e. optimize all work processes as much as possible to create a suitable product. We decided to go with trump cards right away, because we made a bet on something that Putin didn’t even think about, namely, we offered to join forces with our team and community. Dozens of letters came to Pooja’s mail every hour, we sorted everyone by teams and checked their knowledge and more 👿🤣. Each sector had a mentor, and as you understand, each person from my small team headed his sector and created his team, which still works as a single mechanism. I pulled together a couple of my internet friends who constantly helped us in chats (P.S. I really thank you, because the beginning of the journey was really difficult and sometimes unclear at some points. Volunteers quickly cooperated in a team, because they were united by one thought, constantly exchanged knowledge, helped each other, and really looked for any options to harm the enemy. At the moment, I can’t specify someone’s actions or sit down and count the team as a whole, because you need to understand and not forget that the main weapon here is not me and my team , and you and your knowledge, because by combining our efforts together, only then will we be able to contribute as effectively as possible and bring closer to the victory of our mother Ukraine. Separately, I would still like to single out the heart-motor of our website, namely, get to know the team in the “about the team” section there the main characters who participated in the creation of this portal are highlighted. We have no intention of stopping, every day there are more and more of us, less than a month ago we completely updated our portal and are ready to kick the movement with new forces. Join the ranks of the sofa army, we have every momkin hacker.

Thank you to everyone who became, was and is a volunteer and helps the sofa cyber army, “sorry” for the fact that we ask you to configure your devices before work, but this is for your privacy and security. My little villains, we can see the information coming in, and it can’t help but motivate you to screw up MORE and try to win this war as soon as possible. Bring your friends, learn and share information and by joining forces we can quickly finish what Putler started on the 24th…

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