How to make your own proxy with Tor in Windows

10 May 2023 7 minutes Author: D2-R2

Your proxy on Windows via Tor

Setting up a proxy in Tor is necessary for users to completely hide their personal data and increase security while working on the Internet. This browser provides privacy for network connections, so you can handle personal and professional tasks online without leaving a trace. Proxies for Tor will help to further encrypt work on the Internet. By combining these two tools, you will be able to block advertising trackers, as cookies will be automatically reset at the end of the work. You will not be able to be tracked because the real IP address of the computer will be hidden. And due to multi-level encryption, no intruder will gain access to your personal data. You can turn your computer into a web proxy for other devices on your local network. Tor is suitable for hiding the real IP address. That is, in the settings of other devices, you will need to specify the data of your computer as a proxy, and all devices that access the Internet through your proxy will mask their IP.

At the same time, the computer from which the proxy was created can be used in normal mode. You can configure so that other programs (for example, a web browser) will also use a proxy to access the network, or access the Internet directly. It hides your identity and protects your web connection from various types of online tracking. Interaction with the network in Tor is encrypted, requests go from one relay to another before reaching their destination. Combined with an HTTPS proxy, it provides end-to-end encryption. Below we will go through the Tor proxy setup process in detail. Follow the step-by-step instructions.


Obviously, in order for this to work, the computer acting as the proxy must be constantly on. And this at least means the cost of electricity. As an alternative, we can recommend using routers that have built-in support for Tor. An example of such routers is Asus RT-AC* series with Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. The screenshot shows an outdated RT-N66U.

In such routers, it is enough to enable Tor and choose whether to use the Tor network connection for all devices or only for certain ones.

It is really convenient. And if you need the function of redirecting the traffic of all devices in the local network through Tor, but do not need additional proxy server functions (traffic filtering, for example), I recommend you to think about buying such an advanced router.

Another alternative to Windows proxy is Linux proxy. Although, perhaps, this is a matter of personal preference.

Static IP in Windows and installing the Tor service

You need to make sure that the IP of the computer does not change. You can read about how to make a permanent IP in Windows in the article “How to make a web server on your computer available to others” – there is a lot of theory and a detailed description of how to set up a static local IP for the system. If you set up a permanent local IP, our “stone flower”, that is. our proxy, after changing the IP address will turn into a pumpkin.

You need to install the Tor service. How to do it is described in the article “Tor on Windows: installing the service, creating a hidden service, using it by browsers and for pentesting”. It is enough just to install and run – other actions are not necessary.

Initial data

I will show you a concrete example. In this case, my local IP is, and the Tor service is running on its standard port 9050. If you are setting up the proxy with me, then in the following commands/settings replace with your local IP. Also if you have changed the default Tor port, replace 9050 in the following examples with your port. By the way, how to change the Tor port is described in this comment.

Web proxies and SOCKS are not the same thing!

Proxy is a collective name for technologies where one computer acts as an intermediary between another computer and a target server. Now the most popular are web proxies (also called HTTP or HTTPS proxies). To connect to Tor, the SOCKS protocol is used, which is also a proxy by its function. But what distinguishes it from a web proxy is that it is a different technology, with a different implementation and slightly different functions.

The most important practical conclusion: if a device or application works only with a web proxy, then you cannot simply specify the Tor port in its settings – it will not work, because web proxies and SOCKS are different things. SOCKS is one of the application protocols, other examples of application protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, RDP, SNMP, DHCP.

Unlike HTTP proxies, SOCKS transmits all the data from the client without adding anything of its own, that is, from the point of view of the end server, the data received by it from the SOCKS proxy is identical to the data that the client would transmit directly, without proxying. SOCKS is more versatile, it depends on specific application layer protocols (layer 7 of the OSI model) and operates only at the level of TCP connections (layer 4 of the OSI model). But HTTP proxy caches data and can more carefully filter the content of transmitted data.

Довідка з Вікіпедії:

Web proxies and SOCKS are like HDMI and VGA – they have similar functions, but you can’t just plug a VGA cable into an HDMI jack – you need an adapter. So it is with Tor. If the application you are using supports SOCKS, then it can connect directly to Tor. If not, then you need to install the “adapter” program. Such a program, for example, is Privoxy.

Install and run Privoxy on Windows

Privoxy works on various platforms, including Windows. Follow the link: and select the folder with the latest version (it’s not that easy!):select the folder with the latest version (it’s not that easy!):

Download the file with the extension .zip (portable version) or .exe (installer). I will show an example of a portable version. Unpack it anywhere. Go to the program directory. Locate and open the config.txt file with a text editor.

This file has various settings. For example, you can disable or enable various filtering rules – it is not known how relevant they are and how it will affect the performance of the sites you open. But most importantly, find the listen-address directive. Its default value:


This means that the proxy accepts connections only from programs running on this computer. For the proxy to start accepting connections from computers and phones running on the local network, replace with the local IP address of the computer. For me it is:

If you wish, you can also change the port – choose any port that is not busy. At the end, write in:

Save the changes and close the file. Run the privoxy.exe file by double-clicking it. Most likely, the firewall (firewall) will warn you that a new program is trying to use the network:

Click “Allow access”.


Setting up devices to connect to the Tor proxy

Setting up a mobile phone (Android) to use a proxy


  1. Go to the Wi-Fi connection settings. Press and hold the connection that should use the proxy until a pop-up window appears.


2. Select “Manage network settings” and click “Show advanced settings”.


3. Where “Proxy” is set to “Manual”.


(Українська) 4. Enter the IP of the computer that acts as a proxy and the port.


5. Click Save.
Now check your IP, for example, you can go to the page in your web browser

Please note the warning that the proxy is used in the browser and may not use other applications. Some applications have their own proxy settings – check them.

Setting up the use of a proxy in Windows

  1. Go to “Settings”, start writing “proxy” and select “Change proxy server settings manually”:

2. Enable “Use proxy server”, enter IP and port, check “Do not use proxy server for local (internal) addresses”:

3. Save the settings. Check in your browser

4. And in other programs, for example, in the Windows command line:

Налаштування використання проксі віртуальними машинами VirtualBox

Будьте уважні з налаштуванням віртуальних машин! У VirtualBox у пункті меню “Файл” -> “Налаштування” є вкладка “Проксі”. Знайте, що це налаштування працює тільки коли VirtualBox перевіряє та завантажує оновлення. Для віртуальних машин потрібно налаштувати проксі індивідуально всередині операційної системи кожної з них.

Загальносистемні налаштування проксі хостової машини зовсім не обов’язково працюватимуть для віртуальної машини, оскільки вона використовує свої власні драйвери та віртуальні мережеві інтерфейси.

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