Archiving and encryption of backup copies

8 May 2023 2 minutes Author: D2-R2

A few words about backup

Backup – the process of creating a copy of data on a medium (hard disk, diskette, etc.) designed to restore data to its original or new location in the event of damage or destruction. A full copy usually affects the entire system and all files. Weekly, monthly and quarterly backups provide a complete copy of all data. It is usually performed when copying a large amount of data affects the operation of the organization. To prevent a large volume of used resources, compression algorithms are used, as well as a combination of this type with others: differential or incremental. A full backup is indispensable when you need to prepare a backup for a quick system recovery from scratch. With a differential (“difference”) backup, every file changed since the last full backup is backed up each time. Differential copying speeds up recovery.

All copies of files are made at certain points in time, which is important, for example, when infected with viruses. With an additional (“incremental”) backup, only those files that have changed since the last full or incremental backup were performed are copied. The next incremental backup only adds files that have changed since the previous one. Incremental backups take less time because fewer files are copied. However, the data recovery process takes more time because the data from the last full backup must be restored, as well as data from all incremental backups. Unlike differential copying, new or changed files do not replace old ones, but are added to the media independently. In the backup folder there is now a text file with gmail codes, as well as a folder and an html file with facebook codes. You can leave everything as it is, or you can open the html file in the browser, copy its contents into a text file, then delete the folder and the html file. As a result, there should be 2 files in the folder.

Let’s move on to the encryption instructions

1. Select both files, right-click and select Add to archive.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

2. Вибрати галочки як у прикладі нижче та ввести пароль. Потім ОК та ще раз OK.

screenshot 3

screenshot 4
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