Documentation for the correct use of the Tor browser

6 May 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

How to work safely in Tor?

Tor provides some privacy, but it’s not enough if you want to work on the Darknet with complete security. There are many perfectly legitimate reasons to use the Tor network, but one should not forget that it is a haven for cybercriminals of all stripes and a breeding ground for malware. Just make a mistake and click on the wrong link to put your devices and all your personal data at risk. Using the Tor Browser does, of course, provide some protection. The sites you visit won’t be able to learn your real IP address, and your ISP won’t know which sites you visit. At the same time, the Internet provider will know that you are using Tor, which can cause some suspicion, even if you are not doing anything illegal.

It’s always worth remembering that you won’t be protected from malicious content, so downloading anything on Tor can be dangerous. Also, no one knows who owns the input or output nodes. Source nodes can read, intercept, and even modify your traffic. Worst of all, there’s always the chance that a hacker-created origin node will establish an encrypted connection with your server. In this case, fraudsters will be able to track all your online activities. So I highly recommend using The Onion Router with a VPN. Reliable VPN services use strong encryption to protect customers’ personal data, including when working with the Tor browser. They also hide your IP address by replacing it with one of their private server addresses. As a result, your real location will be hidden from Tor nodes and your online activities will remain private.

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Various documentation for training:

Документація з ОС Qubes

Qubes OS is a free, open source, security-focused operating system for single-user desktop computing to eazy using.

Click here

Hosting onion services

Here you can find information about starting Onion Services, based on our experience with them, and useful tips from people.

Click here

Tor Guide

A complete guide with a detailed analysis of current issues that may arise for the user while using the Tor browser.

Click here

Whonix ™ Documentation

Is a crash course in online anonymity. Whonix™ is a technological means of ensuring anonymity.

Click here

Security in a box

The toolkit ranges from basic digital security principles to more specific regional recommendations.

Click here


TorBot is a Python web scanner for the Deep and Dark Web. The basic procedure performed.

Click here

Onion Ingestor

Scans onion sites on the tor network and indexes the collected information to Elasticsearch.

Click here

The Devils Eye

Instrument OSINT, which retrieves onion links that match users’ requests from the Darkweb.

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Onion Search

Onion Search is a Python script that cleans URLs from various “.onion” search engines.

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