Installing and configuring the Tor Browser

1 September 2023 2 minutes Author: D2-R2

Tor Browser is a web browser that provides anonymous and secure web browsing using Onion Routing technology to protect privacy. This article provides a step-by-step guide to installing Tor Browser on Windows. You’ll learn how to download, install, and configure Tor Browser to ensure a high level of anonymity while surfing the web. In addition, the article provides useful configuration guidelines for maximum security and privacy. It’s the perfect resource for anyone looking to protect their privacy and bypass censorship or other internet restrictions. Tor Browser will be a reliable tool for cybersecurity professionals, journalists, activists, and anyone who values their online anonymity.

Tor Browser on Windows: A Secure and Anonymous Web Experience

Step 1

Go to the Google Chrome browser

Step 3

Click “Download for Windows”

Step 4

Wait for the installation to finish, then double-click on the file

Step 5

Select the language and click “OK”

Step 6

Select the path on our computer where this program will be installed, then click “Install”

Step 7

We are waiting for the program to finish downloading

Step 8

You can remove the ticks that you see above, it is at your own will, after that click on “End”

Step 9

Click “Connect”

Step 10

Congratulations, everything worked out for us. Now you can use Tor Browser on OC Windows

Step 11

Tap on “3 dashes” and go to “Settings”

Step 12

Go to the section “Private and security”

Step 13

Display as in the screenshot

Step 14

1 – deny all permissions 2 – Check dots

Step 15

Change to “most dangerous”

Step 16

And put a check mark next to “Block fraudulent content”

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