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21 March 2023 5 minutes
Author: Endpool

iOS Shortcuts

Do you know a way to pump your iPhone 200%? If not, then this publication is just for you. We are sure that you will discover a new, unexplored side of your gadget. Today we will talk about the Shortcuts app. Shortcuts is not just an application on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. This is a whole universe for automation lovers. With the help of uncomplicated and simple scenarios, your device can perform a number of routine actions in a matter of seconds — saving precious hours of your life as a result. In addition, quick commands can simplify access to the most used functions, or help customize the appearance of the icons of your favorite applications.

Shortcuts allow you to implement various tasks by performing a sequence of actions (a kind of step-by-step algorithm), where each of them is a one-time step that performs a certain function. Actions represent the best features of apps on your Apple devices, broken down into smaller parts. There are a series of individual steps with hundreds of actions that you can chain together to build quick teams.

Features of Shortcuts

In addition to the usual quick commands, you can create Automations (automated scenarios) that are activated by a certain event, instead of manually. With Shortcuts, you can set up personal or home hub automation, and then run that automated quick command at a certain time of day, or when you arrive or depart from a certain location, change a setting on your iPhone, and more. Also, any shortcut can be launched by asking Siri.
You can choose any shortcut among hundreds of ready-made commands from the built-in Gallery, download it from a trusted website or create it yourself. Also, you can easily share your own shortcut with anyone.
In order to download a shortcut from a third-party site, you may need to allow installation of shortcuts from untrusted sources (Settings > Shortcuts > Private distribution). Pay attention to the reputation of the resource or person from whom you plan to receive a shortcut! Do not install scripts from untrusted sources, as they can cause harm!
Given that our mission is to educate about privacy and protecting your own security, here are examples of some quick commands that will help increase your privacy, or just be useful.
You can find all the quick commands given in the article in the official Gallery in the Shortcuts application.

Expand URL

This very useful shortcut can be accessed directly from the built-in Gallery. Its purpose is to expand a shortened web address into a full one. The command receives a shortened URL type as input (from the clipboard or via the Share… item) will return to the clipboard the real address that was hidden behind the shortener. Thus, if someone tried to try to track you through a hidden link, the chances of getting identifying information about you and your device are slightly reduced.

Expand URL

It is the twin brother of the previous shortcut. It will help to do the opposite – to turn a long, inconvenient and cumbersome web address into a short one that can be easily dictated or sent via SMS. This command will not protect your privacy, however, it can be quite convenient.

Cleaning screenshots

Selects all images from your phone’s Gallery that are screenshots and deletes them, offering to back them up beforehand. Often we take screenshots of banking apps and other sensitive data and then forget to delete them, so this shortcut will help you do it quickly.

Where was it done?

If you were ever interested in finding out exactly where this or that photo was taken (whether you forgot where you took the photo, or even if the photo was not taken by you), then with the help of this quick command you will easily see the geolocation of the selected photo directly on the map. In this way, you can play detective or surprise someone with great knowledge of geography “just by looking at a photo”

Make a QR code

Allows you to create a QR code for a link, contact, event, etc. But it seems most convenient to use a shortcut to generate a QR code with a password for accessing your Wi-Fi network. It is not only convenient, but also safe, because you do not tell your guests the password itself, but only show the QR code, which will be recognized by their devices, which will automatically be configured to access your network.
In addition to using ready-made shortcuts, you can try to create several simple quick commands yourself. Here are some simple ideas – try to implement them.

Automatically connect to VPN

If your home network is securely configured and the VPN connection occurs, say, at the level of a home router, then leaving your home you become vulnerable in open Wi-Fi networks or in the network of your mobile operator. Of course, it’s best to keep your VPN on at all times, but it can be annoying at times. And a quick command (rather even Automation) can come in handy, which will connect to your favorite VPN as soon as you leave this or that location.

The latest cyber security news

Create a quick command that will receive a list of the latest publications from the HackYourMom portal, place it on the main screen of your iPhone, add your favorite icon and receive a portion of fresh news every day.

Find or create other quick commands that will allow you to really pump your iPhone!
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