Selection of the best Telegram OSINT bots (Search for information in Telegram)

19 July 2023 3 minutes Author: Endpool

Search Mastery: Using Telegram Bots to Effectively Find Information

Telegram bots with the function of searching for information in Telegram are powerful tools that help you find the information you need right in the messenger. They provide a wide range of functions that allow you to search for messages, files, users, groups and channels, as well as other data located in Telegram. Telegram bots can perform keyword searches, filter results by content type, date, or other parameters. They allow you to quickly find the desired messages, files or information related to a certain context or topic. In addition, some bots may provide statistics, analytics and other useful functions to better understand and organize information in Telegram.

Using Telegram bots to search for information in Telegram allows you to save time and effort, since all searches take place directly in the messenger. You can quickly find the information you need, share it with other users, and ensure a more organized and efficient use of Telegram. Use Telegram bots with information search functionality to quickly and conveniently find what you need on Telegram. Whether you’re looking for messages, files, users, or other information, these bots will provide you with a convenient and efficient way to navigate Messenger.

Telegram bots


Allows you to find out which public chats the user is in. Currently, the bot’s database contains more than two million public chats and records of more than 366+ million users.

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A whole service for finding Telegram groups in which a person is a member. For each group found, data is displayed when the TgScanRobot bot last saw it from its user.

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A bot for quickly searching for names and links to a Telegram account by ID. Very convenient if you want to find a specific account in Telegram, but do not know its name or link.

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Is a Telegram bot that allows you to convert Telegram usernames (usernames) into their unique identifiers (IDs).

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Searches for messages in Telegram. You can order the words you are interested in, and the bot will start a Telegram search.

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A free bot that will help you get information about which users have owned them or another nickname. Very useful bot.

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It will help to determine the applicable date of Telegram account registration by ID.

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Can show the history of changing user account nicknames (names).

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Similar to Google, but for Telegram. Help you find the channel, text, audio or document you need.

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This is a Telegram bot that provides the ability to determine the date a user’s account was created on social networks and other online platforms.

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You will find a user ID that will help you create stickers in Telegram. To do this, just fix any sticker bot and it will instantly find the information you need.

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To view the history of account name (nickname) changes, correct /search_id 1111000000 in the bot, where 1111000000 is the account ID.

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Analysis of semantics. Search by open messages in Telegram.

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The service will find the interests of Telegram users based on their subscriptions to groups/channels.

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Search for similar chats. The bot database contains more than 709 thousand chats.

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