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30 October 2023 3 minutes

TOR Network: How to choose reliable tools for anonymous surfing?

The use of the “dark web” with the help of the TOR network is becoming more and more popular among users who want to ensure their anonymity online. For those looking for reliable tools for working in the TOR environment, it is very important to understand how they work and which ones are the most effective. In this article, you will find a detailed overview of the best network tools for TOR, their features, benefits and recommendations for use. TOR network tools allow users to search, interact with resources and use various services while hiding their real IP address and other personal data. Among the numerous tools used for this purpose, several main groups can be identified: search engines, bridges, relay nodes, and output nodes.

Modern search engines developed for the TOR network allow you to find the information you need in a few seconds, while maintaining your privacy. Bridges in TOR help users bypass blocks and restrictions imposed by ISPs or government authorities. And relay and output nodes guarantee the anonymity of user traffic. For the most effective and safe work in the TOR network, it is necessary to choose the best tools and services. Not only the speed and quality of the search depends on your choice, but also your safety in the network. So, if you’re looking to get the full experience of using the TOR network, ensure your anonymity and protection from external threats, it’s important to pay attention to the recommended tools and resources.


D3 TOR Relay Node Map

D3 TOR Relay Node Map is a map of global TOR relay nodes.

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Enter an IP address and date to see if this address has been used as a Tor relay.

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TOR Node List

TOR Node List is it a list of all TOR nodes, updated every 30 minutes.

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A tool for anonymous file sharing over the Tor network.

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An anonymous messenger that uses the Tor network to connect with users.

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Ahmia Link Graph

Enter the name of any .onion domain zone and see what other sites in the zone it is associated with.

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A map showing the flow of data through the Tor network’s relay nodes as of 01/13/2016. Historical data goes back to 10/28/2007.

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A tool that analyzes the privacy of hidden services in the Tor network and helps identify potential weaknesses.

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This is an interface for monitoring resources, connections, traffic and other parameters of Tor relay nodes.

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It is an anonymous operating system that helps preserve your privacy and anonymity.

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Find the .onion address and view basic information such as last visited date, open ports, running software.

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DarkFeed RansomWiki

A site for researchers that tracks and provides links to various darknet sites of ransomware groups.

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