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1 May 2023 2 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Red Team: team interaction

Red Team: team interaction is a strategic approach aimed at effective security testing of your company. This methodology involves creating a team of experts who act as the attacking party to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in your system. Conducting a Red Team: team interaction includes intensive analysis and testing of your company’s defenses. This includes planning and executing attack simulations, using productive intrusion techniques, and evaluating your team’s response to these threats. The benefits of using Red Team: team interaction are obvious. You get the opportunity to bring in an experienced team of experts to challenge your security, helping to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This allows you to take the necessary measures to improve security and protect your company from potential threats.

The Red Team should consist of experienced professionals with extensive experience in building IT/IB infrastructure. Red Team is attempts to gain access to the system by any means, including penetration testing; physical access; testing of communication lines, wireless and radio frequency systems; employee testing using social engineering scenarios. The concept of Red Team operations allows you to carry out penetration testing work as realistically as possible.


Every lab environment I’ve come across (Splunk Attack Range, DetectionLab, etc.) has been heavily focused on blue team control and/or only run in cloud environments. As someone who doesn’t want to pay extra money to host environments on AWS or Azure, this was quite annoying, so I decided to put together something that works locally. My main focus is on creating an environment suitable for the “red team”, either to test tool development, discover new methods, test old TTPs, or stay up to date with new threats.



Complete construction

If the host can’t connect via WinRM after spinning up (an intermittent problem), simply rerun the initialization via:

Specific structure


TODO: Create an architecture document…

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