Guerilla war

19 April 2023 5 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Ukrainian underground

What do you know about the partisan movement? Who are the partisans? All of us well remember the partisans of the Second World War, the Ukrainian insurgents, the Cold-Yarts, and so on. Guerrilla combat units were for the destruction of the enemy’s infrastructure in the deep rear or in the front-line zone, thus it deprives and takes away from the enemy a lot of useful resources that the enemy’s strike groups need. Thus, insurgent and guerilla movements are very helpful in solving problems with convoys carrying ammunition, food and other necessities for the conduct of hostilities. This article tells about the technical and material part of guerrilla warfare, and helps the reader to gain some knowledge in this direction. The reader can learn how to handle weapons, explosives, how to handle weapons properly, and what you can use to make explosives at home.

The information is provided exclusively for informational purposes, for the general development of the reader in the most important issues during the war with the invading horde of Moscow soldiers. An anarchist’s book or an anarchist’s pocket guide will teach savvy and curiosity about weapons and related items, how to teach a bad neighbor or how to cook a fight at home, we do not advise using or making explosives at home, this can lead to injury and maiming. It is necessary to study more such literature in wartime, and to be able to use this information correctly. The article in no way calls for the use of weapons or the manufacture of explosives, it is informational material for the user. I will always be Ukraine! Study, study and win!

10 commandments for a partisan

1. Mass media is a weapon

The defeat of enemy columns will not change anything if hundreds of people do not know about it, the liberation of a city is nothing if millions know about it. Foreign media must be involved, especially the enemy. You need to create your own websites, newspapers, video channels, so that your journalists become more authoritative and popular than the mass media of the enemy.

2. A stop is always death

In the Age of Weapons, battlefield score controls lightning and accent. From this you need to constantly move. Constant movement is help for partisans. “During combat operations, the maneuver must be your own handwriting, speed, your name is printed. Move only at night and only under the cover of stones / buildings hill / tree “. With modern armies you can stop for no more than 30 minutes.

3. Avoid long and large battles

Ensuring clear time frames for operations. If the battle takes a mass, if the enemy begins to crush the fire, withdraws. The enemy will have more weapons, heavy weapons, experienced commanders. Therefore, by all means avoid a difficult big battle.

4. Be invisible to the enemy

The squad must be invisible to the enemy. He should not know the place, method of movement, place of night and stops. It is necessary to attack the enemy’s back with regression. Attacking where the enemy is no expert at all, and who they think you shouldn’t be.

5. Avoid the enemy when he is strong

Attacking him when he is weak and attacking, leave immediately. One of the main rules is to avoid the enemy’s best units and strong units. You always need to attack the weak, tempting, disorganized and uncondensed part of the enemy. And after the exposure you need to leave immediately. “Did you finish the enemy? Go! Will it take time? Will it take time? Go away! The offense is successfully developing and you can strike again?

6. Inspire and support the belief in victory in the fighters

The enemy is insidious and strong, and the partisans are weak. In such cases, it is difficult to remain confident of victory and maintain morale. Therefore, you will never demonstrate confidence in your abilities by showing resistance and determination. Fighters should not have any reason for doubt and stupidity.

7. War is a craft, the enemy is a book, and a battle is an exam

After each battle, you need to analyze the consequences, be open to criticism, learning from mistakes and other people. Fighters should help in this. Comments should be used as teaching material. “Let’s talk to those who seem weaker than the rest. They have sometimes noticed that these are invisible to TOS, who seem stronger and more confident. The main thing is that the partisans should be like smoke – omnipresent, but intangible. NEOP -More than a glance, but poisons and brings death to Torah, who neglects them.

8. Attack the enemy only when you are sure of the success of the attack

The operation should be carried out only if there is 100% certainty. A successful result – all assigned tasks are completed, the squad leaves the battle intact. If the probability of success is 80%, you need to increase the attack.

9. Saving the life of your partisan is more important than taking the life of the enemy

Like the roll, there are fewer guerrillas than regular army soldiers they see. Therefore, each fighter is worth its weight. If the guerrilla movement is overwhelmed, it will be left without replenishment. Pyrrhic victory is unacceptable.

10. Місцеве населення – твій хліб, будинок та гвинтівка. Завжди нагодує, укриє та допоможе в боротьбі з противником

Without the support of the local population, the movement is unlikely. Guerrillas can be destroyed in only two ways – physically destroyed or deprived of support. Every effort should be made to bring benefits to the local population. “Make a local popularity that sees your defender against the arbitrariness of the enemy in the guerilla. Whoever you have, you will provide half the victory, “- writes the military analyst.

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