We create a fake personality. Main identifiers of a person.

5 May 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Why do you need fake data?

The Internet is full of profiles with fake information — to protect your data or, conversely, to steal someone else’s. Given our times and how many data leaks there have been recently, there is a desire to return to the Internet as anonymous as possible. After all, what gets on the Internet will never disappear from there. But you should not be afraid to run social networks, you just need to approach everything wisely. At least minimally familiarize yourself with cyber hygiene and it is not necessary to indicate your real name, e-mail address, photos or other personal data everywhere. This is the bare minimum kit for any mommy hacker or bearded expert who wants to be truly anonymous online. So there are much more chances that the information will not fall into the wrong hands. On the other hand, fakes are actively used by fraudsters.

New technologies are even more frightening. It is unclear who is real on social networks and who is not. As a rule, people do not trust these pages. Users of fake accounts often get banned for inappropriate behavior. Other users of the program are skeptical of their messages, they can do all kinds of harm with fake news, worsen their situation (lower the rating)… Yes, you say that this is all on the Internet, not in life, but how much time do you spend there? Often in investigations, you need to contact the search object, register on sites, add friends, try to get into a closed profile… Of course, you should not use your personal details. In this article, I will tell in detail and describe the process of working with fake data, and the services mentioned in the article will make our lives easier and help us understand all this.

1. Basic data

First of all, let’s create them. To do this, we will use the services (They are very large in terms of their capabilities, but I advise you to take only your name, address, date of birth and possibly some personal preferences from there, since these data are almost impossible to verify when they coincide with your other data.))

2. Email


Telegram Email


Fake Mail


3. Phone number

You can rent a virtual one, but it will cost a fortune. I advise you to simply use sites with free (junk) numbers:

4. Nick

The username is also an important component. If you want to look serious – just use the name or FI, if you are a starperom – a combination of last name, first name and date of birth. Well, if you need something universal, come up with an absolutely insignificant combination of symbols.

5. Avatar and photos

It’s just that you won’t surprise anyone with II children. These perfect portraits in high quality and with a blurred background look absolutely unreal. And no, I’m not against generating individuals, I’m against using them separately. We go to one of the sites and make a person:

Now we go to VK and find photos suitable for the background and body of the person, replace the face with the one generated earlier. For this we use the site:

6. Payment data

I also advise you to create a Yumani wallet using a free virtual number and activate a virtual card in the application. That’s all. It is also better to create additional data for some situations, for example, if your object is a motorist, to think of a car that is “controlled” by “you”.

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