The best Linux certifications for beginners

5 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Linux certifications

In the world of iron, there is a concept of certification, which says that this equipment is certified to perform specific tasks, work in specific conditions, etc. The same concept exists in the world of software, for example: an operating system is certified to work on specific equipment, or a program is certified to perform certain calculations. This concept suggests that the client (buyer) can be sure that the product he buys will fulfill his task 100%. Exactly such a concept can now be applied to specialists as well. Certification of a specialist – checking him for the availability of the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to perform tasks related to the technology or product for which he is certified. In the case of successful certification, the specialist receives a certificate (paper or electronic) and, according to the idea, is considered an expert in this technology within the scope and level of the certification exam. Linux certifications are now gaining more and more popularity among system administrators, DevOps engineers.


Having a certificate helps IT professionals to prove their knowledge and gain recognition among employers. In many large companies, the presence of certificates is actually a “musthave” for applicants for many vacancies. Below you will find brief information about the most popular Linux certifications today. You can familiarize yourself with each in detail by following the links presented in the description. Linux certification is highly recommended by many companies as Linux is gaining acceptance on global platforms these days. These Linux exam certification programs are gaining popularity among data administrators, system administrators, DevOps engineers. It helps IT professionals gain knowledge and recognition.

Which Linux certification to choose?

Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification. This Linux Administration Certificate is best suited for those candidates who want to become a Linux System Administrator and continue their career as a Linux Administrator.

This Linux Fundamentals certification exam has a hands-on course design that allows the candidate to simulate the work tasks and scenarios encountered by a professional system administrator. Taking this Linux Fundamentals certification course will help them test their skills

RHCE – Red Hat Certified Engineer

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat. This is one of the best Linux certification programs that targets the commercial market.

The training materials of the Red Hat System Administration certification course are intended for IT professionals who have no previous experience in Linux system administration.

Oracle Linux Certification

The Oracle Linux 6 Certified Implementation Specialist certification course is available for those who develop, configure, and implement Linux 6-based solutions.

However, anyone who wants to take the Linux certification exam can take this course. This is one of the best Linux certifications, mostly taken by Oracle partner implementation professionals who have hands-on experience with Linux and previous Linux 6 implementation experience.

LPI Certification Programs

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) was founded in October 1999. Ten years after Linus Torvalds began his groundbreaking work on the Linux kernel. It helps software professionals improve their Linux knowledge.



CompTIA Linux+ – це курс сертифікації Linux, який перевіряє важливі навички використання та управління, що є спільними для всіх дистриб’юторів Linux.

Щоб отримати сертифікацію Linux+, ви повинні пройти ці два онлайн-тести – CompTIA Linux Certification LX0-103 та LX0-104. Зміст курсу дуже схожий на LPIC-1.

Gtsuh: Giats Certified Nyh Security Administrator


Основним мотивом проходження цієї сертифікаційної програми є підготовка професіоналів для встановлення, налаштування та моніторингу операційних систем Unix та Linux. Ви можете отримати дампи іспитів онлайн, щоб попрактикуватися.

Benefits of Linux certificates

Here are the main pros/advantages of using a Linux certification

Joining the Linux certification program gives you access to official training materials to help you prepare for the exam.

Offers you the opportunity to work on projects in real time and demonstrate hands-on learning.

Helps you gain a brief knowledge of the concepts and their applications.

Support and guidance from industry experts and certified trainers worldwide

Hands-on practicals and labs to help you clear your concepts in the field of application.

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