Apple cancels the development of an electric car after 10 years of work

28 February 2024 2 minutes Author: Newsman

Apple Corporation has decided to stop the development of its ambitious electric car project, which it has been working on for the past ten years, refocusing on the development of artificial intelligence and other technological innovations.

According to Bloomberg, at a private meeting on February 27, Apple announced the closure of Project Titan, its automotive division, which had nearly two thousand employees. The decision to end development of the electric car came after years of searching for a new strategy and possible partnerships with automakers that never materialized. Instead, the company plans to focus on integrating artificial intelligence into its existing products, such as the iPhone and iPad.

Project Titan was one of Apple’s most ambitious and mysterious projects, which caused significant interest in the world of technology and automotive. However, despite significant investments estimated at billions of dollars, the company was unable to decide on the final concept of the car, which led to the cancellation of the project. Now, according to reports, a third of the project team will be transferred to other divisions, including those working on the development of artificial intelligence.

Apple has long sought to expand its product portfolio by entering new markets, including automotive. Project Titan started with big ambitions to create a revolutionary electric car that could compete with traditional and electric car manufacturers. However, faced with technical and strategic challenges, the company decided to focus on its core products and technologies.

The cancellation of Project Titan is a significant step for Apple, underscoring the company’s shift in focus to the development of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies. It also shows the high competition and complexity in the electric car market, where even for technological giants finding their place is not easy.

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