An international fraudulent call center in Ternopil, which earns $100,000 per month, was discovered

15 February 2024 2 minutes Author: Newsman

In Ternopil, employees of the State Investigation Service (SSI) stopped the operation of an international fraudulent call center, which was defrauding foreign citizens of tens of thousands of dollars every month. The operation to expose the center involved in financial fraud was conducted on February 13 under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Fraudsters had 2 tried and tested schemes. The first was that the attackers, using data from the DarkNet, spoofed the personal data of bank account holders, posing as employees of financial institutions. Another scheme consisted of proposals to invest in “brokerage” projects with high profit potential, promising EU citizens to become “wolves of Wall Street”.

Call center employees had instructions in Polish and Slovak to ensure a high level of communication with foreigners. Fraudulent funds were transferred to controlled accounts and cashed out in Ukraine. At least 16 citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were affected by the activities of this call center, although the actual number of victims may be higher.


Thanks to the joint efforts of the investigators of the State Security Service, employees of the criminal investigation department of the State Criminal Investigation Department in the Ternopil region and under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the activity of the fraudulent call center was stopped. Further measures are currently underway to identify the organizers of this international fraud scheme and other involved persons.

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