Are Epic Games’ servers exposed to a cyberattack?

1 March 2024 2 minutes Author: Newsman

Epic Games has officially stated that it has found no evidence of a cyberattack or data theft following claims by Mogilevych’s extortionist group about the alleged hacking of the company’s servers. This information was in response to widespread rumors of a security incident that caused concern among users and the community.

Mogilevich is a relatively new group of extortionists who claim to have hacked numerous organizations. A distinctive feature of this group is their refusal to share samples of stolen data publicly, offering them only to “vetted buyers”. This tactic has raised doubts among security researchers about the credibility of their claims.

After information about the possible hack appeared, Epic Games immediately began an investigation, but did not find any confirmation of these claims. The company’s statement was published on the website BleepingComputer, where Epic Games also noted that it had not received any requests or evidence from Mogilevych. Despite the attackers’ claims of selling the stolen data for $15,000, no data samples or other evidence were ever provided.


Epic Games’ statement dispelled rumors of a cyber attack, stressing the importance of verifying information before sharing it. This incident once again reminds us of the need to be critical of information on the Internet and the importance of working with reliable sources.

Epic Games confirms that there is no evidence of a cyberattack following Mogilevych’s group’s claims, emphasizing the importance of data security and the need for critical analysis of information in cyberspace.

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