Matthew Perry’s X account was hacked by fraudsters

1 March 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

In a fresh cybercriminal twist, hackers attacked the X account of the late actor Matthew Perry, known for his role in the TV series Friends, using his platform to spread cryptocurrency scams.

Scammers posted a link to a fake website that purported to raise funds for the Matthew Perry Foundation, but actually directed victims to a cryptocurrency scam. Reports of the attack quickly spread to media outlets including Rolling Stone, prompting officials from the actor’s foundation to issue a statement.

Fund response

The Matthew Perry Foundation, founded in honor of the actor to help people struggling with addiction, actively denied the connection with the fraudulent site. They stressed that official donations can only be made through the website and urged people not to spread false reports.

This incident is another reminder of the need to be vigilant on the Internet, especially when interacting with cryptocurrencies and charitable contributions. It is important to always verify the authenticity of websites and official accounts before making any financial transactions.

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