A student created a complex AI scheme to pass a university exam

14 June 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

A Turkish student has been arrested for creating a sophisticated device linked to artificial intelligence (AI) software that was used to cheat on a university entrance exam.

A student was observed behaving suspiciously during an exam. After being detained and searched, it was discovered that the student used a small camera disguised as a button and a router embedded in the sole of his shoe to send questions to the AI, which answered them and transmitted the answers through an earpiece. Video taken by police in Isparta province, where the exam took place, shows components of the device, including a mobile phone that could transmit information to an accomplice. Both suspects were detained, the student is awaiting trial.

A student from Turkey was detained during an exam in Isparta province for using a cheating device. The components identified included a camera, a router and a mobile phone used to send questions to the AI ​​and receive answers.

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