Fired ex-employee jailed for destroying 180 servers at his former company

14 June 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

A fired NCS Group employee, Kandula Nagaraju, 39, was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for a hacking attack that caused $678,000 in damage.

After being fired for poor performance, Kandula Nagaraju decided to take revenge on his former employer by deleting the company’s data. Although his attempt was successful, it resulted in a lengthy prison term. Nagaraju, who worked for NCS Group’s quality assurance (QA) team in Singapore from November 2021 to October 2022, deleted 180 virtual servers used to test new software.

He carried out the attack while in his home country of India before returning to Singapore, where he infiltrated the company’s systems again in February 2024. He used a script to take down all the servers in March, but the company quickly discovered the unauthorized access and passed the information on to law enforcement, leading to his arrest and conviction.

Kandula Nagaraju worked for NCS Group in Singapore as a quality assurance specialist. After being fired for poor performance, he was unable to find a new job and was forced to return to India. While at home, he repeatedly gained access to the company’s systems and eventually deleted 180 virtual servers, causing significant damage.

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