Tools: Email Resources (Part 2)

21 August 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Email: Convenience, Efficiency and Security

These email tools play an important role in our professional and personal affairs. They help us effectively manage and organize emails, identify important messages, set schedules and simplify our daily communication. As an important business tool, they allow companies to stay in touch with customers, send marketing messages and analyze data to improve strategies. Also, they are important for professional correspondence and teamwork. On the other hand, for personal use, these tools are indispensable for planning personal affairs, communicating with family and friends, and saving important data and memories. They help us make our lives more organized and productive, both in the field of business and in everyday life. These tools have become an integral part of our digital lives, providing us with convenient and powerful means of managing email.

They simplify our daily tasks, allowing us to communicate effectively with colleagues, friends and family. These tools also play a key role in keeping our emails and data safe, protecting us from spam, phishing and other threats. In a business environment, these tools help businesses maintain high levels of efficiency and communicate with customers and partners. They also play an important role in marketing campaigns, helping businesses learn more about their audience and analyze the results of promotional activities. In general, email tools are an integral part of today’s digital world, making many aspects of our lives and work easier. They allow us to be more organized, productive and connected to the world around us.



Synapsint is a unified OSINT investigation tool. Very interesting and useful tool.


Osint Industries

Phone lookup, osint email lookup  on over 200 websites.



Search for social accounts. networks by username, email or phone in social. networks


Black Kite

Black Kite Breach Search helps you determine if your account has been breached. Search for your domain or email address in our huge database of violations.


Leak Check

It is an Internet service that specializes in checking e-mail addresses and other personal data of users for leaks and security breaches.


Leak Lookup

Allows you to search thousands of data leaks to be aware of credentials that may have been compromised, allowing you stay on top of the data.


Email Rep

It is an Internet service that specializes in the analysis and verification of electronic e-mail addresses. The main function of this service is to provide information about the level of trust in a specific email address.



Refers to the IntelTechniques resource created by Michael Baselight. This particular resource aims to provide tools and guidance for verifying and analyzing email addresses and their associated data.



Is a well-known and trusted resource that provides an opportunity to check whether your personal data has been leaked as a result of a security breach on Internet sites. This service was created by Troy Hunt.



Is an online service that provides information about domain names and information about website owners. The main function of such services is to provide access to information, which usually includes domain registration data, domain owner contact data, registration dates, and domain history reports.



It is an Internet service that specializes in finding and analyzing data leaks and security breaches on the Internet. The main function of this service is to enable users to check whether their email addresses or passwords contain leaks that could become available for public access due to a security breach.


Digital Footprint Check

This tool is designed to analyze your online footprint and provide information about what information about you is available on the Internet. Find links to websites where the username is registered. You can enter a username or email address and we’ll do the searching for you.


Any Mail Finder

Internet service that provides the ability to find e-mail addresses for specific individuals or organizations. This service may be useful for businesses, marketers and others looking for contact information for communicating with potential customers.



Belongs to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). OCCRP is an international non-profit organization that specializes in journalistic investigations of corruption and organized crime in various countries.


That’s Them

Provides the ability to search and find information about individuals, including their name, address, phone numbers and other personal data. Usually, such services are used to find contact details or information about people with whom you may want to contact.


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