Create and configure a VirtualBox virtual machine on Windows with a Windows 10 ISO image

22 August 2023 4 minutes Author: D2-R2

VirtualBox: Operating Systems in Your Window

Cybersecurity research and development often requires an isolated environment, and that’s where virtualization comes in. VirtualBox is a popular virtual manager that allows users to easily create and manage virtual machines on Windows computers. If you are interested in creating a virtual machine on Windows thanks to the ISO image of Windows 10 with detailed settings and optimal settings of the same OS, then this instruction is just for you. Many people appreciate VirtualBox for its flexibility and ease of use, but not everyone knows about the possibilities of tweaking settings that can increase the performance of your virtual machine.

In this article, we look at how to make the most of a Windows 10 ISO image to create a new OS in VirtualBox. Whether you’re an IT professional or just a beginner looking to get involved in the big world of cybersecurity, our guide will help you get the most out of VirtualBox. Deepen your knowledge of configuring virtual machines and learn how to ensure Windows 10 runs optimally on your virtual hardware. Each step of the guide is analyzed in detail so that you can perform the setup and optimization without any problems. From now on, you will be ready to conduct various tests, experiments and research in a safe virtual environment. Join a community of cybersecurity professionals by taking advantage of virtualization with VirtualBox and our detailed tutorial. Create, customize and optimize your virtual environment like a real momkin hacker!

ISO image: What is it and why is it important?

The ISO image is a digital copy of the contents of an optical disc, which integrates all the characteristics and structures of the disc in one file. This versatility and flexibility make ISO images indispensable in many aspects of the modern computer world. One of the main advantages of ISO images is their ability to store large amounts of data in a structure that mirrors the original disc. This ensures the storage of data in its original form, which guarantees its authenticity and reliability. At the same time, this file format allows easy storage, transfer and distribution of data in bulk. The main purpose of ISO images is to provide a standardized way of presenting the contents of the disc. This allows you to use the image for different purposes without having to change its structure or content. Thanks to this, ISO images can be used in many ways: for archiving data, distributing software, creating virtual machines, and other tasks that require a standardized data structure. Additionally, ISO images provide a fast and efficient way to access large volumes of data without the need for physical disks. They can easily be stored on hard drives, SSDs or other storage devices, providing quick access to content when needed. In general, the ISO image is an important tool in the modern computer world, which provides an opportunity to work effectively with data, ensuring its authenticity, reliability and availability.

Step-by-step installation instructions

Step-by-step installation of VirtualBox. Installing Windows 10

Step 1

Open the Google Chrome browser

Step 3

Click “Download the tool now”

Step 4

Click on the highlighted fragment on the screenshot to open the Windows 10 installation program

Step 5

Click “Accept”

Step 6

Click on “Create an installation disk” and click “Next”

Step 7

Click “Next”

Step 8

Select “ISO file” and click “Next”

Step 9

We are waiting for Windows 10 to load. Then click “Next”

Step 10

Click “Done”

We install VirtualBox on the computer

Step 11

Open the Google Chrome browser

Step 13

Click on the highlighted fragment “Windows hosts”

Step 14

We are waiting for the file to finish downloading. After that, click on it

Step 15

Click “Next”

Step 16

Click “Next”

Step 17

Click “Yes”

Step 18

Click “Yes”

Step 19

Click “Install”

Step 20

Click “Finish”

Configuring VirtualBox

Step 21

Click “Create…”

Step 22

We name our virtual machine, specify the path of our ISO image and move on

Step 23

We enter the data for your account and move on

Step 24

You can modify the hardware by changing the amount of RAM and the virtual number of CPUs, then click “Next”

Step 25

Choose the size of the Virtual Hard disk (at least 45GB) and click “Next”

Step 26

Click “Finish”

Step 27

We are waiting for the Windows installation to finish

Step 28

Congratulations. everything worked out for us. now we can use VirtualBox on Windows 10

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