Bellingcat Online Investigation Kit: People Search (Phone, Email, Username…)

22 April 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

People search tools

In today’s world, there are many different tools for online investigations. For any of our requests, we will be able to see a large number of programs, sites, databases that meet our requirements. The effectiveness of an Internet investigation depends to a large extent on the ability to collect pieces of information about people or groups, and then combine this data into a more complete picture. The ability to find information about email addresses, usernames, sites, and related accounts helps you build profiles of people or organizations you’re interested in. Such profiles can be used in future investigations. They help save time when working with sources. For example, there are many tools for finding email addresses of people or companies. You can also check whether the e-mail is reliable or where this or that mail was used. Another useful investigative technique is searching for usernames and related information. There are tools to check and search for names on different domains or social networks.

Countless applications and services for searching the user’s phone number or, conversely, by the user’s phone number. There are also search services that help people find and connect with each other. Many of the tools used in modern investigations are designed for only one task: finding phone numbers, or e-mail addresses, or usernames, etc. But there is a growing group of tools designed to search dozens – or even hundreds – of different sources at once. This helps to significantly shorten the initial project search period.



An application that collects phone numbers and names from contact lists.

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Phonenumber ID app – draws data from crowdsourced contact books.

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Caller ID service (mobile application). Provides information about the caller.

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Find someone’s UK address, phone number and who they live with.

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Tools for WhatsApp: Check if number is in use, check status.

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International directory of white and yellow pages of telephone books.

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Yellow Pages (Swedish edition). Eniro also has a people finder service.

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Search users by name, place of residence and phone number.

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Worldwide Osint Tools map

Global review of yellow/white pages, court cases, business registries and more.

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Email Reputation

Checks how reliable an email is.

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Epieos (Check Email Usage)

Checks where email was used.

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User name


Username and domain verification website. It’s easy to see which platforms shared the same username.

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The Law Pages

Search for details of criminal court cases in the UK. For example, a verdict, a hearing, etc.

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Whats My Name

Search for a user’s first and last name on 270+ platforms.

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Swedish Name Register

Find out how common the name is in Sweden according to the census data.

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Check Usernames

Carefully check and analyze usernames on 160 social networks.

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Have I Been Pwned?

Check if an email or phone appears in data leaks?

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You can search for names, email addresses.

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User names are searched by e-mail, phone, name.

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Search phone numbers/names (Sweden)

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Person Lookup

Search for people, phone numbers and addresses.

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Search Systems

Search for publicly available information online.

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