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14 August 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

OSINT Insights: Revealing Open Intelligence

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is the process of collecting, analyzing, and using open information from various sources to gain an understanding of events, individuals, organizations, or topics. This may include data from social networks, websites, news sources, public databases and other publicly available sources. The use of OSINT includes various methods and tools for gathering, filtering, analyzing and extracting information. Open data sources can provide insights into publicly available data that can be used for vulnerability detection, trending, crime detection, market analysis, threat identification, and other purposes. In today’s world, OSINT plays an important role in cyber security, investigations, business intelligence and many other fields.

Its importance lies in the fact that a large amount of information is publicly available online, and the ability to find, analyze and use this information can be useful for decision making and obtaining valuable data. The use of OSINT helps to identify connections between different data, building a complete picture of events or objects. Open information can help identify fake accounts, detect disinformation and manipulation, and track interest group activity. OSINT is growing in popularity due to rapid access to information and the growing amount of data online. However, an important aspect is the ethical and legal use of this information. An excellent knowledge of tools, techniques and rules can contribute to the successful use of OSINT in various fields.

What are these Good sites?

On February 21, 2004, the FBI launched the Endangered Children Alert Program (ECAP) as a new, proactive approach to identifying unknown individuals involved in the sexual abuse of children and the production of child pornography.



Badassarmy.org is a website and organization dedicated to fighting online harassment and cyberbullying. The organization aims to provide support, information and resources for those facing aggressive and harmful behavior online.


Anti-human trafficking

Help financial institutions promote corporate social responsibility by raising awareness, facilitating the integration of intelligence and technology development, and encouraging strategic data collaboration to combat human trafficking.


Innocent lives foundation.org

Innocentlivesfoundation.org is a non-profit organization working to identify and stop online child exploitation. The main goal of the organization is to protect children from the insidious actions of people who use the Internet to illegally influence them.



Informnapalm.org is a citizen journalism platform that specializes in collecting, analyzing and publishing information on conflicts, disinformation and hybrid threats. The main purpose of the platform is to reveal false information, identify propaganda.



An organization that specializes in providing aid and support during natural disasters, crises and disasters. The organization uses technology and social networks to identify and respond to extreme events to ensure safety and help victims.



Trace Labs is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the reunification of families of missing persons while training members in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills.



Missingkids.org is the website of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), which is dedicated to missing and locating children. Very useful site specifically for finding children.


Locate International

An online platform that specializes in providing location and information search services. This platform helps to find various information about people, places, and other objects of interest.



CrisisMappers is an online crisis mapping community that brings together experts, activists and citizens working on mapping and visualizing data during crisis situations. This platform allows the community to collaborate to create detailed maps that provide information about the state of affairs during natural disasters and conflicts.


Stop Child Abuse

The organization is aimed at combating child crimes and child abuse. This initiative may include a variety of measures, programs and resources aimed at preventing, detecting and combating child crime, including physical, psychological, sexual abuse, exploitation and other forms of violence against children.



TraceAnObject is an online resource that enables users to assist in the investigation and tracking of objects or items based on open sources of information. This may include the search and analysis of images, videos, texts or any other data that helps to establish the origin, location or other important details about a given object.


Citizen evidence lab

The online platform is aimed at collecting and using open information to document human rights violations. This platform allows you to participate in the information gathering process and help uncover facts that may be important for investigations.



Anti-trafficking and social justice website and initiative. This initiative seeks to stop illegal human trafficking, including sexual exploitation, forced labor, child labor and other forms of trafficking that violate people’s rights and dignity.



Ncptf.org is the website of the National Center for the Prevention and Counter-Trafficking of Humans (NCPTF). This center is an initiative aimed at combating human trafficking and protecting the rights of potential victims of this crime.


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