OSINT Training, instructions and guides

2 May 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Why should a modern person study OSINT?

Our new habitat is digital. On the Internet, we communicate with family and friends, shop, search for information, play games and plan routes. To feel confident in this environment, a person needs to know the basic principles of safe behavior in it and be able to apply them. In the presence of information about the “potential victim”, it is quite simple to form an idea about her. Most often, this is necessary in order to find as many variants of vulnerabilities as possible. After receiving information, attackers may not actively influence the victim, but simulate the threat, creating a plan of actionable attack. Any cyber-attack begins with reconnaissance, and first passive acquisition of data is carried out, and then their analysis is carried out. Acting “blindly” means making mistake after mistake. But the use of OSINT is also a way to respond to attackers – it is not for nothing that they say that the forewarned is armed. Collecting data about yourself or your company is a great way to understand exactly what data is available to hackers.

By understanding what information is in open sources, you can use it to develop an effective protection strategy or delegate it to a security service. In addition, OSINT is an ideal solution for private detectives: most of the tasks entrusted to them are carried out through intelligence. For anyone working in the field of cyber security, understanding how to collect data from open sources is a skill and method that is mandatory for effective work, and we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the top OSINT tools, regardless of whether it is about protecting the corporate network or checking the level of its vulnerability.

Training / instructions / guides

Knight Center. Digital

Digital investigations for journalists.

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Intel Techniques Online

Video training and certification courses.

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IWS Treining

Conducting intelligence training in online mode.

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Plessas Experts Network

A company specializing in Internet investigations. There are a lot of Internet fraudsters these days. Be vigilant and careful, it will keep your data safe.

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If you are interested in learning open source analytics in the field of cybersecurity, our OSINT training course is the perfect course for you.

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Building an OSINT box

A very in-depth look at cyber security, information security, information assurance, physical security and other things related to and around the industry and IT.

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SANS – Info Security

Global cybersecurity education of knowledge and skills, resources, training, certification and events.

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Bellingcat Workshops

Guides and ground-breaking investigations into crimes unfolding around the world.

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OSINT Combine

Advanced OSINT training and software worldwide to government organizations.

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Story-Based Inquiry, a handbook of investigative journalism.

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Free DFIR Training

Free DFIR Training this is courses in digital forensics and incident response.

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Hakin9 Online Courses

Hakin9 is a monthly hacking and cyber security magazine.

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A course that will teach you how to write code to automatically extract and analyze data from the Internet and social networks.

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Online Courses

Articles about hacking strategies, hacking process, hacker mindset and basic skills needed to become a professional hacker.

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A list of resources for teaching, speaking, lab work, reading, etc., and most importantly, they are free at any time.

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