Create and configure a VirtualBox virtual machine on Windows with a Windows 11 ISO image

14 July 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

The benefits of using virtual machines are becoming more and more obvious for IT professionals, developers, software testers, as well as for ordinary users. VirtualBox is one of the most popular tools for creating virtual machines that supports a large number of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, macOS, Solaris, and others. However, the process of installing VirtualBox on Windows 11 may seem difficult for beginners. But don’t worry, with our simple and step-by-step guide, you will be able to install VirtualBox on your Windows 11 computer without any difficulty.

Now that VirtualBox is installed on your Windows 11 computer, you can start creating virtual machines for any operating system you want to try out. This is a great way to use applications or software that is not supported by your main operating system, or to test new versions of operating systems before installing them on the main hardware computer. Remember that VirtualBox, like any other program, needs regular updates to maintain security and stability. Always check for updates and install them to ensure your virtual machine is running at its best. With VirtualBox installed on Windows 11, you discover the limitless world of possibilities that virtualization provides. Make sure you take full advantage of this powerful tool.

What is the main advantage of using VirtualBox itself?

VirtualBox is an open source software product for creating and managing virtual machines. Its main advantage is its versatility and the ability to run various operating systems on one physical computer without rebooting. In addition, VirtualBox is highly compatible with many guest operating systems, allowing users to experiment with different environments and configurations. An intuitive interface and advanced customization options make this tool accessible to both beginners and professionals. In addition, thanks to its open source, VirtualBox is regularly updated, which guarantees support for the latest technologies and security improvements.

Step-by-step installation instructions

Preserving the VirtualBox image

Step 1

Відкриваємо браузер Google Chrome

Step 2

Переходимо за посиланням:

Step 3

Натискаємо як показано на скріншоті

Step 4

Натискаємо “Download Now”

Step 5

Повторюємо попередній крок

Step 6

Обираємо “Choose one”

Step 7

Натискаємо “Confirm”

Step 8

Скачуємо 64-bit систему

Step 9

Чекаємо на завершення скачування файлу

Step 10

Вітаю, перший етап завершено

Installing the VirtualBox installer

Step 11

Переходимо за посиланням:

Step 12

Натискаємо “Download VirtualBox 7.0”

Step 13

Обираємо “Windows hosts”

Step 14

Чекаємо на завершення скачування файлу

Step 15

Вітаю другий етап закінчено. Ми встановили установник VirtualBox.exe

We install VirtualBox on the computer

Step 16

Натискаємо “Запустити”

Step 17

Натискаємо “Next”

Step 18

Повторюємо попередній крок

Step 19

Click “Yes”

Step 20

Натискаємо “Yes”

Step 21

Натискаємо “Install”

Step 22

We are waiting for the download to finish

Step 23

Hello, we have installed VirtualBox 7.0 Click “Finish”

Configuring VirtualBox

Step 24

Click “Create…”

Step 25

We name our virtual machine, specify the path of our ISO image and move on

Step 26

We enter the data for your account and move on

Step 27

You can modify the hardware by changing the amount of RAM and the virtual number of CPUs, then click “Next”

Step 28

Choose the size of the Virtual Hard disk (at least 45GB) and click “Next”

Step 29

Click “Finish”

Step 30

Open “VirtualBox”

Step 31

We will have to wait a little

Step 32

We are waiting for the Windows installation to finish

Step 33

A reboot is required to continue the installation. Click “reboot now”

Step 34

Congratulations. everything worked out for us. now we can use VirtualBox on Windows 11

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