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23 March 2023 3 minutes Author: Endpool

How to understand this

In 2005, no one could have imagined what the development of online mapping services would lead to, what invaluable importance they would play in the Internet ecosystem. No one expected that Google would enter into a partnership agreement with Apple to promote its service on the mobile platform, but this alliance will fall apart. No one yet thought that Google Maps would be used by more than a billion people, and the service would turn into the second largest project after the search engine. Probably all Internet users, and especially those who have a Gmail mailbox, have come across Google Maps.

Google Maps actually shaped the idea of modern mapping services both in terms of interface and functionality. Although, it must be said, Google was not the pioneer. In fact, their service was late to the market, competitors had gone quite far at that time. A few words for those who have not encountered it. Google Maps is a mapping service with a large number of functions (for example, navigator functions) and contains satellite images of the area and marked various objects, we will talk about them. There are times when you need to leave a lot of comments and ratings on these cards, but this may seem like an easy task at first glance. You are presented with two templates for the program (ZennoPoster is a program designed to automate actions in the browser), one for comments with a photo, the other without a photo.

Template for ZennoPoster, with a comment function (with one star) for objects located on Google Maps. You can leave many comments from one account.

How to use?

Before starting to use the template, you need to configure the files in the project directory (project folder).

Step 1

File config.txt: in this file you need to enter the account from which you will leave comments, you need to enter it through a space (email, password, backup mail).

Step 2

File objects.txt: in this file you need to enter a link to the objects where you need to leave comments.


Step 3

TextComment.txt file: in this file you need to insert the text that will remain in the comments.


Step 4

Photo directory: this folder is needed for storing photos in case you want to leave comments from photos, it should be noted that you need to add photos on the basis of one photo – one comment.

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