SQL injection

25 March 2023 4 minutes Author: Endpool

What is SQL injection and how widespread is the use of SQL code?

SQL injection is a type of injection attack that allows malicious SQL statements to be executed. These operators manage the database server from a web application. Attackers can use SQL Injection vulnerabilities to bypass application security measures. They can bypass the authentication and authorization of a web page or web application and retrieve the contents of an entire SQL database. They can also use SQL Injection to add, modify, and delete records in the database. So SQL is a formal programming language used to manage data in a database, most often used to query a website’s database for credentials (username-password). Most sites track username-password requests, and a hacker can use this to send their request to the server – this is called injecting SQL code into the database. In this way, hackers can create, read, update, change or even delete data stored in the backend of the DBMS, usually with the aim of gaining access to sensitive data such as social security numbers, bank card details and other financial data.

Because SQL injection potentially threatens all sites using SQL-based databases, this type of cyberattack is one of the oldest, most common, and most dangerous of all in existence today. Moreover, due to the proliferation of programs that automate the use of SQL code, the number of this type of attack is rapidly increasing, and hackers are attacking even more websites, thereby increasing their revenue. In addition to unauthorized information, SQL attacks can be written to deleting the entire database, bypassing the need for credentials, deleting records or adding unwanted data.

Programs for computers


An open source penetration testing tool, sqlmap automates the process of discovering and exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities and database server hijacking. It comes with a powerful detection engine, lots of niche features for advanced penetration testers, and a wide array of switches for database fingerprinting, extracting existing data from the database, accessing the underlying file system, and executing OS commands over out-of-band communications. Attackers can use sqlmap to perform SQL injections on a target website using a variety of techniques, including boolean-based or time-based, error-based, UNION-based, stacked queries, and out-of-band injection.



A tool for automatically exploiting SQL injections. Only by providing the vulnerable URL and a valid string on the site can the intrusion be detected and the tool used using either the merge method or the logical query-based method. Mole uses a command-line interface that allows the user to easily specify the action they want to perform. The command-line interface also provides autocompletion for both commands and command arguments, minimizing the need for user input.



Uses blind time-based SQL injection in HTTP headers (MySQL/MariaDB). This tool helps web security researchers find time-based blind SQL injections in HTTP headers and exploit the same vulnerability. It also supports phasing for time-based blind SQL injections in HTTP headers. Attackers use Blisqy to search for potential blind time-based SQL injections and then prepare a script to exploit a vulnerable web application.


Applications for mobile devices


This is a cross-platform sqlmap GUI for the sqlmap tool. It is primarily intended for use on mobile devices.



SQLi is used to create malicious queries with untrusted input data and execute attacks by injecting SQL code into Android.


Droidbug SQLi Spyder

A SQL scanning engine that can be used to find and exploit various vulnerabilities such as simple SQL injection, blind SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information, reflected cross-site scripting, stored cross-site scripts, site scripts, including remote files, using a shell, etc.


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