DDoS attack

25 March 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

What is the purpose of DDoS attacks and what is it?

A DDoS attack (distributed attack) is a denial of service attack. Such an attack on a computer system occurs with a large number of computer resources that are not available to the users by whom the computer system was identified. One of the most common methods of attack is to attack a computer or set up a large number of calls (often using requests that do not make any sense or are poorly worded) in such a way as to attack the computer in order to make it unavailable, when in fact access to it is available. Typically, DDoS attacks do not target a specific user, but instead target online banking sites, payment gateways, and government portals. Hackers behind DDoS attacks may be motivated by a desire to make money, take revenge, or simply “troll”. As a result of the attack, websites are disabled and become inaccessible to users, who as a result lose trust in the organization and solve their tasks elsewhere. The organization suffers financial losses and, last but not least, loses its reputation. No one is safe from DDoS attacks.

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new vulnerabilities on websites. Even giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon are falling victim. To effectively combat DDoS attacks, site and application security should be maintained and updated. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency (CISA) emphasizes that it is impossible to prevent such attacks, but measures can be taken to quickly identify them and reduce their impact. Denial-of-service attacks have also been used for good purposes, shutting down criminal enterprises, even individual IP addresses of criminals, and attacks against organizations and individuals deemed to be engaged in illegal activities.

Software for exploiting DoS and DDoS attacks


Application for protection against network attacks and DoS/DDoS attacks, written in BASIC language. It is designed to attack up to 256 target URLs simultaneously. It sends HTTP POST and GET requests to a computer that uses a lulz-inspired GUI.



An application for network stress testing and DoS attacks. LOIC attacks can be called application-based DOS attacks because they primarily target web applications. LOIC can be used at the target site to flood the server with TCP packets, UDP packets, or HTTP requests in order to disrupt the service.



Software written by Robert “RSnake” Hansen. Slowloris allows you to crash a web server with an HTTP error even from a single machine with bad internet. Slowloris tries to establish many connections to the web server and keep them open as long as possible.


For mobile devices


An application for Android for the ability to launch attacks in service on any website directly from a smartphone.


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