Instructions for installing Disbalancer for DDOS attacks on Russian sites

17 April 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Brief instructions on how to install and run Disbalancer to safely redirect your Internet traffic in a useful direction

DisBalancer is a decentralized network that provides distributed denial of service (DDoS) and load balancing services to help today’s businesses avoid the rising cost of these attacks through lost revenue and data leakage. This allows businesses to fight fires using the same unused IT bandwidth and storage that attackers are manipulating, incentivizing those vast resources to fight DDoS problems, not for them. Businesses looking to secure their websites can simply create an account on the disBalancer platform, purchase DDOS tokens, and request services on the network. Network nodes can be configured on any device and automatically run in the background when users choose to allow it.

Users become part of local validation pools to process the demand closest to them, earning DDOS tokens as a reward from the general pool for all traffic received and sent. Users can then sell DDOS tokens back to websites to cover the costs of using the network or use them in other farming opportunities throughout the blockchain ecosystem, creating an economic cycle that fuels the growth of the disBalancer network. The consequences of DDoS attacks can lead to a significant loss of revenue for businesses, especially online stores. Restoring services and managing offline operations are the most direct costs, although DDoS attacks also increase the cost of sales, customer service and marketing. In addition, they can also damage customer confidence and jeopardize future business opportunities.

For your own security, I recommend first installing one of the listed VPNs:

Checking your own IP address and whether it has changed since you started the VPN:

We install VPN

For example .


2ip— a site that allows you to find out the IP address and contains other services.

Крок 1

Go to and download the file for Windows.

Step 2

Open the downloaded file.

Step 3

Press Next and Install.

Крок 4

If, during installation, your anti-virus quarrels about some files, we give them permission to install, ignoring the anti-virus. This is normal for a VPN application.

After installation, press Finish.

Step 5

Next, in the tray on the Windows panel, look for “cloud” – this is our VPN. Click on it.

Step 6

Ignore the language of the occupiers and press “Next”.

Step 7

After that, we agree with all the terms.

Step 8

Move the slider and our VPN is activated.

Step 9

There is no need to change anything in the settings. You can check if WARP connection is selected. If not, select it.

This completes the work with the VPN. Do not forget to turn it on before turning on the Disbalancer program

Install Disbalancer

Step 1

Follow the link;

We download the archive with files.

Step 2

We download the archive to a folder, or to the desktop.

Step 3

Then add the folder with the program to the exclusion of your antivirus. After that, we turn on the program itself.

Step 4

Press Start and we are in business.

Step 5

The program is running successfully when you see “Successfully sent stat.” in the logs.

And the number of sent packets in the statistics section.

After that, you don’t need to do anything else. You can safely turn off the PC/laptop monitor using the Windows+L keys and go about your business while the program does its thing. The computer with the program can be left on overnight if necessary, but you should unlock the “Sleep mode”. The program automatically switches between the targets of the attack and you do not need to configure anything. When the current goal is achieved and another Russian site falls under our pressure, the team can change target and ask to restart the program. In this case, you will see another inscription in the logs, which says in English that a new target is being selected. A restart is optional, but may be necessary.

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