RULES for using the chat, bot, and social networks of the couch army “HackYourMom – mommy hackers from Ukraine”

26 July 2023 3 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Rules above all else

Using the chat and bot in Telegram is an exciting and convenient way to communicate and receive information right in the messenger. Telegram is one of the popular platforms for exchanging messages, where users can not only communicate with friends, but also interact with bots that provide automatic processing of requests and sending responses. Thanks to bots, users can get a wide range of services and information: from checking the weather and news, to ordering services, getting currency rates or even playing various games. Interaction with bots allows you to efficiently obtain the necessary data and perform various tasks without the need to switch to other resources. Using Telegram chat is also a convenient way to exchange messages, photos, videos and documents with friends and colleagues. Group chats allow you to organize communication with a large number of people and discuss joint projects or events.

Using chat and bots in Telegram is a simple, fast and safe way to communicate and receive information directly in the messenger. Thanks to them, users have access to various services and can effectively interact with others without leaving the program. Below will be translated the rules for using the chat, bot, social networks of the couch army “HackYourMom. We highly recommend that you read them to avoid further misunderstandings between us.

RULES for using the chat, bot, and social networks of the couch army “HackYourMom – mommy hackers from Ukraine”

The participant of the chat “HackYourMom – mommy hackers from Ukraine” agrees to the terms of use of the chat:

  1. The language of communication is exclusively UKRAINIAN or ENGLISH (only the Dictator, Administrator or other authorized person of the chat can write in the language of the aggressor in order to make the fsbeshniks and other nits present in the chat aware of the inevitability of their defeat and the international court).

  2. General “Rules of communication in the chat”:

  • be polite to all chat members;

  • save the time of other participants;

  • publish information that is useful to everyone;

  • do not solve private issues in general chats;

  • the message must not be immoral or obscene.

  1. All personal correspondence and each other’s references to the “Russian warship” take place exclusively outside the chat in private chats or private messages.

  1. We do not flood or spam the chat.

  1. It is forbidden to send messages that contain propaganda of violence, weapons, advertising and open discussions of any narcotic drugs, as well as propaganda of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, messages of a sexual and pornographic nature, in particular text emoticons of an anatomical nature.


Violation of these requirements – warning, then ACCOUNT BAN!!!


Requirements of martial law:


  • public calls for violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or for the seizure of state power, as well as distribution of materials calling for such actions;

  • agitation for violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and aggressive war against our country, popularization of the ORDLO militant group and other terrorist groups;

  • subversive activities to destabilize the internal situation in the country.

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