We reveal the participants of the “Movement of Russian Patriots”: between the desecration of monuments and damage to the image of Ukraine

20 February 2024 8 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Learn about the Russian Patriots movement: who they are, their methods, and their impact on international relations. In this article, we reveal how this group uses disinformation and falsification of facts to discredit Ukrainians and undermine trust between Ukraine and Great Britain.

Flowers were cut near the monument of Volodymyr the Great in London

On January 27, 2024, an event took place that caused a stir in social networks. We are talking about a video that first appeared in Russian Telegram communities. In this video, a man, believed to be Russian, commits an act of vandalism in central London. The incident happened near the monument to Volodymyr the Great, where the Russian cut and threw away the flowers that were brought in memory of Volodymyr the Great.

The original source of the video is the “Movement of Russian Patriots” community, which is active in social networks, Russian VK and Telegram.

Screenshots from the video, where an unknown person with a smile on his face throws flowers from the monument to Volodymyr the Great

The next day, the same Russian community published two photos (1, 2) with persons whose faces are covered with emblems of the “DRP” movement with the following caption:

“The DRP tour in London continues. Hello to the rabid Ukrainians. There are many of us and we are everywhere! Also recently, our comrades attended a rally of crests in the very center of the city. They looked respectable, like KGB agents. Materials will come later.”

These so-called “kdb agents” actually attended the rally in London and filmed a video there. On it, you can see the logo of the movement and the emblem of the Soviet NKVD service with a link to the Telegram community Kyzyl Battalion (Inst, TG).

In the video, a man with a bloody face talks about how Ukrainians use the funds of British citizens. He uses the phrases “our money” and “in our country”.

Symbols of DRP and Kyzyl Battalion. A screenshot from the video is on the left. On the right – a description of their Telegram group

The video also contained characteristic features by which the persons participating in the filming were identified.

But the authors of the video left one more way to find them — they tagged a user on Instagram who might have been involved in the shooting. It is signed as Platov Ilya Sergeyevitch / Платов Илья Сергеевич (20.01.2002, Inst, PayPal, VK, TG-channel). He writes about himself: “reporter, translator, independent, truth teller, musician.”

Kiril Sarukhanov is a fighter for communism in Great Britain

Фото зі сторінки в instagram Ільї Платова

On Instagram, Platov published a photo (1, 2), where he tagged three people who are probably participants in all published videos in Russian groups. There is a face of a key person here – this is a man who spoke during the Ukrainian rally. It has a distinctive striped tie.

In the photo on the left – a photo from the Inst of Ilya Platov, there is a mark with a nickname. Pay attention to the tie. Right – Participant of the video, observing the rally in London. The tie is the same as in the photo from Inst Platov.

If you go to the russian_authoritarian_rusv4 page, you can see a lot of interesting things. First, this person calls himself a “Communist from Russia.” Stalin, the Kremlin and the Gulag are also mentioned here. And at the beginning of the bio is the phrase “груз-200 мы вместе”, which was often on the chevrons of the fighters of PMC “Wagner” and Prigozhin personally.

a screenshot of an Instagram page that probably belongs to Sarukhanov Kirill

This page is probably not his main page. It was created in June 2022. The avatar appears to be the same person who took a photo outside the Russian embassy and participated in the videos posted on the Kyzyl Battalion community. It is clear that this is one of the participants in the video we wrote about above.

Using the Pim Eyes search engine, Molfar analysts found a student of Eaton Square Schools and the page of a woman – Tatyana Sarukhanova. Tatiana lives in London and published photos of her son. This is Sarukhanov Kiril Artyomovich (15.09.2005, Inst, Inst2, VK, YT).

Kiril Sarukhanov lives in London. He is probably subject to Great Britain. It is known for certain that the evil Kirill is the author of the Inst page with the nickname “russian_authoritarian_rusv4”.

We also found Kirill’s profile on the Russian social network VK. There he monitors the “Movement of Russian Patriots” community DRP”. He indicates that he lives in London, and under posts with cutting flowers near a monument in London and under photos near the Russian Embassy, he put (1, 2) likes.

According to FB of Sarukhanov’s mother Kiril, their family consists of five people. In 2017, Kirill, together with his mother and sister, participated in the parade of the “immortal” regiment in London, he was dressed in elements of the military uniform of the Soviet army (1, 2, 3), St. George’s ribbons and carried a photo of his grandfather, whom he says fought in 106- tank division.

The family of Kiril Sarukhanov

  • Tatyana Valerievna Sarukhanova

  • Date of birth: 27.02.1976

  • Social networks: FB, Inst, VK, OK, OK2, TW,

  • TG id: 1125061832

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Passport of the Russian Federation: 4503902903, Social Security Number: 772855781840

Mother, a photographer. Lives in London. In 2020, she posted on FB a photo of her daughter at the parade of the “immortal” regiment in London with a photo of her husband’s grandfather – “Sarukhanov Melyk Artemovich” – and St. George ribbons.

  • Sarukhanov Artyom Alexandrovych

  • Date of birth: 28.10.1976

  • Phone: +79163355485

Father. In 1998, he graduated from Queen Mary University of London. After that, until 2000, he worked as a Crude Oil Trader at the oil and gas company Taurus Petroleum. From 2002 to 2004 – Commercial Executive at the publicly traded oil and gas company Aminex PLC.

After, for 9 years, until 2015, he was Business Development Manager at the publicly traded energy solutions design and installation company Worley (Revenue 2023: $11b). In parallel, since 2008 he has been the Business Development Manager of the British real estate management company 22 Westbourne Terrace Freehold Limited. From 2020 to 2023 Business Development Manager at Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd in London.

He left a comment under a post about military conflicts in Li, in which he does not recognize Russian aggression against Ukraine and blames the West.

The post under which Artyom Sarukhanov left a comment. Screenshot from Linkedin

  • Nikita Artyomovich Sarukhanov

  • Date of birth: 27.07.1997

  • Social networks: VK, TW, +79858745962

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Passport of the Russian Federation: 4513060593, Social Security Number: 772855781913, 772746230828

Brother, born in Russia. Now he is a subject of Great Britain. In addition, he has Russian citizenship. Since April 2023, he has been working as a senior sales executive at Gatwick Advisory Group.

  • Sarukhanov Kirill Artyomovich Date of birth: 09/15/2005

  • Social networks: Inst, Inst2, VK, YT

Given the fact that Kirill’s brother Nikita Sarukhanov is a British citizen, it is likely that Kirill is also a British citizen.

Sarukhanova Sofia Artemovna – sister.

Who are “Kyzyl Battalion”

Another person who participated in the video is Roman (Inst, Inst2, TG-channel, VK). He was also tagged on Platov Ilya’s page.

Among the posts posted on the Inst Kyzyl Battalion page, characteristic videos (1, 2, 3) were published with a person whose appearance and body shape is similar to the person posted on January 28, 2024 by the “Movement of Russian Patriots” community near the Russian embassies

In the TG-community Kyzyl Battalion, a kind of video is also published, the participants of which are two people and Platov. Given the known place of residence of Ilya, the filming of the video takes place in London.

Also, during the editing of one of the videos that was published on the TG channel, a sticker was carelessly pasted on the face, so the profile side of the face of a person who looks like the one who was photographed near the Russian embassy and cut flowers near the monument in London got into the frame.

Kiril Sarukhanov is the Russian who disdainfully cuts flowers near the monument to Prince Volodymyr in London. He is a member of the Kyzyl Battalion movement. It seems that this “movement” consists of three people – Sarukhanov Kiril himself, Platov Ilya, and a person named Roman.

In the “Kyzyl Battalion” video, Kirill is seen wearing the same camouflage jacket, pants and sneakers as the person in the video cutting the flowers. Three people participate in various videos, one of them is Ilya, the other two are Kirill and Roman. Filming takes place in London. That is, these men live there.

These characters wanted very much to remain anonymous, but published numerous videos and photos on the network, which helped boast of their “achievements” as representatives of real “Russian patriots” sitting in “decaying Europe”.

The information was taken from Molfar open sources

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