How to deanonymize Russian soldiers and officers

15 April 2023 6 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Who are these “Deanonymized”?

What is OSINT? Who uses open source search and why: so how does it work on a real example? Did you have this idea – that everything that is published in social networks and in general on the Internet, this huge array of data can be collected and processed? It is no longer a secret for anyone that everything we publish on the Internet is already publicly available information, marketing companies sell and collect this data. How exactly can we use OSINT methodology to de-anonymize and track Russian soldiers and mercenaries brazenly and aggressively fighting against Ukraine and killing civilians? You and I will be able to learn the methodology and apply this knowledge in practice, it will help win this bloody war. Using the acquired skills and methods of searching and analyzing information, you will be able to find orcs on your own, and win together! In 2014, the situation with OSINT regarding Russian soldiers could be characterized as “very simple”, in the realities of 2022, we have a slightly different situation (in part).

What has changed? Most of the military of the Russian Federation, who have begun to close their profiles on social networks, are afraid of you and are completely paranoid about the fact that they are being hunted, and they also regularly receive a portion of angry and severe indignation from the ZHT (Protection of State Secrets) service, which takes in them all smartphones and means of information exchange. The article will tell how and where to look for arthropods and what to do with them. Where in social networks to look for and find these pieces of meat. The reader will familiarize himself with the materials of the article and will be able to independently find the copepods. Listen, learn and fight! Everything will be Ukraine Glory to Ukraine!

How to become our “hero”?

Let’s talk about the “hero in the photo”, this character was found when using a dating app, he found an ordinary girl from Ukraine and tried to get to know her, telling her that he wanted to free her. A good bit of social engineering came into play. At the time of writing this article, the author sees 2 options for searching Russian military in social networks.

– Social engineering

Even before meeting and starting communication with this “character”, it was discovered that the young man’s chevron had the surname “N.N. Melchakov” on it, which prompted me to look at social networks.

Naturally, in the search for a girl, Nikita did not find anything smarter than to go in search of her on social networks. But trouble awaited him there, no one wanted to continue his acquaintance with the Russian. What you should pay attention to when surfing social networks:

  • manners of communication that are different from Ukrainian ones;

  • unusual appearance;

  • unfamiliar area of residence;

  • Russian military uniform in photos;

  • many military friends or simply many friends from Russia.

How did we find social networks?

At first, we were helped by a photo search. From the information that the Internet gave us, we see that Nikita is a lion, he met girls in the city of Vyborg, and here we have a question: does he really live there or could he have served? we are looking further, we are rooting for VKontakte and classmates.

Mykola Melchakov was found as a child, but where is he now?

From the information that the Internet gave us, we see that Nikita is a lion, he met girls in the city of Vyborg, and here we have a question: does he really live there or could he have served? we are looking further, we are rooting for VKontakte and classmates.

After a short search on VK, we find a familiar face in the form of Little I Igor / Nikita Melchakov. remember the chevron in the first photo? – Melchakov. N.N. so we are looking for a father.

We also find a personal page in VK of Melchakov himself. Of course, Father had both pages in friends. As a conclusion, it is important to be creative in gathering information, and also try to develop a branch of social engineering. The same situation was in the social network of classmates, where Nikita’s relatives posted a lot of photos. I would like to note that the search for potential military personnel of Russia works very well through Yandex photo, where you can easily find profile data and photos of thousands of Russian soldiers.


An interesting thing is the search by photo, it helps a lot when searching by photo. Some “soldiers” have very extensive social networks, so you can find all the social networks of a person, as well as his or her relatives. You need to go through all the photos in the search and this can give a very interesting result. Posting a photo of an actor or model for your own on your dating site or posting other people’s photos in an ad for sale/delivery of an apartment is a common story. Therefore, to save time, it is better to check the person or advertisement before communicating. Upload a photo of a person or object if you suspect something, and confirm or deny your fears. And be sure to check multiple photos, not just one.


Main tools:

– Social engineering

– Yandex photo search

– Social networks

– Creativity

Summing up how many data users are browsing the Internet, it is possible to understand that there can be a lot of interesting finds. When you are looking for information, do it as unbiased as possible. You will be able to see the objective result when you move through the most detailed analysis of all the details of social networks. Sometimes it happens that pig dogs have already been found by someone or warned in the military about the need to close social networks. Don’t give up and keep looking, the result will come, but you need to work very hard for it. Good luck!

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