Launching of anti-aircraft missiles in the area of n.p. Zhdanivka

17 April 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

We determine the place of launch

The air defense system is an important component of the national security of countries around the world. In many countries, air defense is maintained by military forces, but in some cases it may be provided by state civil defense services. Air defense systems include various components such as radars for detecting air targets, fire means such as anti-aircraft artillery and anti-aircraft missiles, and communication systems that ensure the exchange of information between all components of the air defense system. In addition, air defense may include components such as friendly target identification systems and fire control systems. The purpose of the air defense system is to protect the territory from air attacks that can be carried out by various means. For example, it can be airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) or cruise missiles.

Air defense systems are usually provided on the basis of information from radars and other satellite detection systems, which allows timely detection of air targets and taking the necessary measures to destroy them or take defensive actions. In today’s environment, air defense systems are extremely important, as they provide protection against various threats, including terrorist acts and aggression from other countries. Many countries spend significant money on the development and improvement of air defense systems to ensure effective. The purpose of air defense is to ensure the security of the territory and protect residents from air attacks that can be carried out by airplanes, helicopters or cruise missiles.

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Інформація про файл №1

Відео файл: video_1.mp4
Час та дата створення файлу: 12:22:00 27.04.2022
Данні GPS: відсутні
Місце зйомки: Жданівка, Донецької обл.

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Відео файл: video_2.mp4
Час и дата створення файлу: 13:01:05 27.04.2022
Данні GPS: відсутні
Місце зйомки: н.п. Шевченково, Донецької обл.

Video file metadata

Analysis of video #1

1st video frame (00:00)

Let’s define the characteristic features of the area:

General view of the area

Characteristic features of the area:

  • Black curved pipe, most likely heating (red rectangle)

  • Vertical pipe, most likely boiler rooms (pink rectangle)

  • Rusty kungs 2pcs (yellow rectangle)

  • A small extension next to a 5-story building with a flat roof (purple rectangle)

The most likely shooting location 48.159088, 38.262596

Shooting area with characteristic features

2nd frame of the video (00:22)

Characteristic features of the area

You need to pay attention to the hydraulic fracturing (red rectangle) and a pair of tericons (blue rectangle), they are almost on the same line. On the map it is:

  • Hydraulic fracturing (48.159587, 38.264742)

  • Terykons (48.187543, 38.365785)

The area on a satellite image

The observation point is located on the Terykon-GRP line, on the same line there is also a residential high-rise building (48.159040, 38.262672).

3rd frame of the video (00:15)

Characteristic features of the area

Let’s pay attention to the boiler room and the rocket launch site, they are almost on the same line.

The direction of observation of the launch of the rocket

The rocket launch site is located on the line: Observation Point – Boiler House – n.p. Shevchenko, (48.159040, 38.262672)(48.177365, 38.371281)

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