Madonna conquers the peaks with AI

6 March 2024 1 minute Author: Newsman

Pop icon Madonna is implementing artificial intelligence to create immersive visuals for her latest holiday tour, using text-to-video software to add unique visuals to her performances.

Madonna’s team partnered with New York-based startup Runway to create the visuals for her tour, which is set to wrap up in Mexico at the end of April. This collaboration was in response to finding creative ways to portray the tropical mood of the song “La Isla Bonita”, after conventional computer graphics did not meet Madonna’s requirements.

The use of AI has become an “experiment” for Madonna, who is always open to new technologies and innovative visual elements in her shows. Runway, the startup behind the technology, previously released a publicly available model that can create video from text, significantly reducing the time and cost of content production.


Madonna’s application of artificial intelligence in the music industry opens new horizons for artists and creators in the creation of visual effects, highlighting the potential of AI as a tool to expand creative possibilities.

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