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5 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

What is a forum?

All of us have encountered forums at some point. The question: “What is a forum?” will be answered by people from ancient Rome, who chose a territory, regardless of whether it was a market place or an open area, gathered there and periodically listened to how speakers speak, people communicate and help each other in various disagreements that happened. It follows from all this that the forum is a kind of information network in which people of different views and interests discuss a topic, share their ideas and experiences, hold discussions and express their own opinion. Forums are different and on different topics. For example, we can use a platform where interesting stories from life will be told, or we can delve a little deeper and open forums from a completely different perspective.

Open forums, the content of which may be prohibited by law. As a rule, the first thing that comes to mind of many people are forums related to drugs. But this is only a small part of everything that can be found there. In our field of activity, the forum is like a store where we can buy everything: from weapons to all kinds of information. These forums offer all kinds of information: instructions for criminals and hackers looking to steal credit card information; organization of DDoS attacks; leadership; spam; phishing companies. People whose experience and knowledge are limitless gather on these platforms. You don’t have to buy anything or learn instructions, you can just talk to people and share knowledge. We have prepared for you a small selection of forums, the content of which can make it much easier for you to realize your needs and help you solve the question you have.

A selection of hacker forums

We urge and recommend everyone to use exclusively licensed software, but information is available in different places. We have prepared for you a selection of forums, the content of which is very diverse: from jokes to data leaks, so we want to advise you to use virtual machines or sandboxes (on an isolated laptop on which it is not scary to lose any information) to protect yourself as much as possible, I also suggest before opening any file, throw it and check for  VirusTotal.



The International Forum offers a wide range of services, but the main audience is carders.


Its users research and discuss hacking, coding, malware, and other IT-related topics.

Hackers for hire

The forum itself offers a wide range of services, from cyber fraud to hacker services.


The web portal has several sections related to hacking tools, tutorials and of course it is full of hackers offering their services.


He appeared relatively recently in the underground community. There are many hackers who offer their services and sell tutorials.



Forum of scammers on which Russian garbage (police) and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) sit, because the admins were exposed and everything changed.


Forum of shadow services for people. Also, this forum is visited by a huge number of people who are connected to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB).



(Best Hack Forum). Russian forum dedicated to hacking. In the Russian Federation, it is included in the Register of prohibited sites and blocked.

Dark Obnalunion​

Judging by the name, you can easily understand that this is a Russian forum, where a larger segment of visitors is related to carding.


The largest forum of Russian carders. “Mentors” of the forum promise to teach any beginner the art of carding, help with all questions.



“Probyv” is popular among fraudsters working in Russia and the CIS. For a certain amount, you can find out information about a certain person on the forum: from credit history to passport data.


This is one of the most respected long-lived. It, like WWH, became a kind of textbook for carders and a place for communication, finding information and people needed for shadow work.

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