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3 May 2023 5 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Why do we need web page designers?

Web page builder is software for creating a site in a visual editor without special programming knowledge. As a rule, the site builder is a separate independent service, but it can be provided as an additional hosting company. As part of the free service, hosting with basic characteristics is usually provided, as well as a subdomain (for example, if we talk about the builder, your site will be hosted under the name of The designer can be based on a CMS (content management system), for example, you can edit a WordPress site in designer mode using special plugins Visual Composer, Page Builder, etc. Most often, the designer’s work comes from SaaS (software as a service).

Examples of such resources are uCoz, Weebly, Jimdo. Since the user does not buy the program, but only rents its resources, it allows you to work with it with lower costs, which allows you to save. But under such a scheme, the user does not have access to the content, so he cannot download the site or transfer it to another hosting. As a result, using a SaaS-based site builder can be seen as renting a site, but not owning it. In order to fully own a web page and use the wide possibilities of its configuration, you will need to buy hosting for the site.

We appreciate the mood of all Ukrainians and yes, we really know that some of the listed resources belong to the Russian Federation. As practice has shown, the country is 💩, and the quality of the offered offers is frankly not very good, but this is great, because they will spend money on low-quality goods, and we, in turn, will make money from them and donate the earned funds to the Armed Forces ! Let them buy, and if we take into account that the military operations have been going on for 9 months – we understand that our army really needs support. Study, read, and learn from someone else’s, and don’t shy away from your own…

“Deceiving people is a sin, stealing from people is a sin, but Russians are not people, so the deed is pleasing to God. Breed them for dragonflies, throw dragonflies to support the army and you will be rewarded.”

Catalog of designers


A cloud-based service for creating mini-landings that allows you to conduct target audience research in a few hours. Give the customer a convenient way to contact you

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Website creation service. Main advantages: the possibility to register a domain and a mail name; affordable price; as well as adaptability for all mobile devices.

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The Ukrainian mailing service SendPulse has launched a free designer of landing pages to which it is convenient to direct users who are interested in the information of the newsletter.

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You can create a free site on in 2 ways: in the editor, where everything is possible, but requires little effort, or in the ADI environment.

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Moto CMS

Ukrainian site and online store designer that allows you to easily create attractive and SEO-adapted sites without having special knowledge.

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Mozello has everything you need to create a modern website. Effortlessly create an effective online store with a shopping cart and a payment system.

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The path to a beautiful site starts here. A full-featured drag-and-drop editor and setup guide, you’ll be up and running in no time. You don’t need to program anything. You can only do what you love.

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SITE123 is the most intuitive and easy-to-use website builder on the market. They handle everything from website structure to website design to make sure you focus only on your content.

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The product is not made for professional web developers, it is made for anyone who wants to have their own little corner of the Internet. No designers, no developers, no webmasters needed.
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This designer probably saw the birth of the modern Internet. It would seem that this could be the end of the review of this service. The platform is alive and actually offers a great set of features.

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Zyro positions itself as a designer from scratch to a ready-made site, in which they offer to use artificial intelligence to solve the problem. Get a professional website that loads at lightning speed.

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We’ve invented a new way to create sites where the process is like a game. Now every designer, if he has a passion for his favorite business. A business site or a landing page – with Tilda it’s quick and easy.

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You can create a really cool site with the functionality you need: without code  and promoted in search engines.

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Creating a landing page is free. A simple designer and intuitive settings allow you to create and configure a site in a few minutes.

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Events schedule, reviews, call-to-action forms, counters, online chats, external integrations and much more.

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