OSINT CTF Challenges

3 May 2023 5 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

What is CTF?

CTF (short for Capture the Flag Competition) is a computer security gaming competition in which players solve information security-related tasks to score points. Although these competitions do not require running to capture the flag, the basic concept is the same. In security-focused CTFs, participants compete to find a flag (usually a long sequence of symbols) using modern hacking techniques. Capture the Flag, more commonly known as CTF, is an information security competition in which contestants must use a machine or piece of code to retrieve specific pieces of text that may be hidden on a web page or server known as a flag. It can include many tasks in different genres, such as reverse engineering, networks and protocols, programming, cryptography, web security, exploits, etc. All these puzzles have only one goal – capture the flag!

In recent years, CTFs have gained a lot of popularity among security professionals due to the wide range of benefits they bring. CTF is not only a great way to learn applicable technical skills in a fun environment, but also to tackle challenges that improve their interpersonal skills such as problem solving, time management and teamwork. PicoCTF is one such CTF that aims to introduce children to safety in an engaging and interactive way. CTFs are also known as useful networking platforms because different people with similar interests gather in one place. Most CTFs also promise cash prizes to winners, adding to the many benefits of participating.


CyberDefenders CTFChallenges

It’s about helping advocates sell their skills by posting their content publicly.

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OSINT Challenge

Test your OSINT and cyber investigative skills in real-world scenarios in our OSINT courses.

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NMP Hackathon

Capture the Flag Theoretical Competition (CTP) on a virtual platform.

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CyberSoc CTF

The OSINT-oriented CTF has 40 tasks in 3 streams: General Knowledge, Life on the Internet, and Investigating Evidence.

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HackTheBox CTFs

Fully customized just for CTF, the web application ensures smoothness, simplicity and fun for the all players.

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OSINT Dojo’s Sakura Room

This room will take you through a typical OSINT investigation where you will be asked  to help catch a cybercriminal.

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The best way to learn is to do. Our content is based on interactive exercises based on real-life scenarios, from hacking machines to investigating attacks..

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A fun and addictive game that makes you want to learn. It’s easy to navigate but hard to master, making it a game you’ll never tire of.

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Hacktoria-OSINT CTF

Technically, it’s a test case generator to test the robustness of how well a program can tolerate potentially malicious input.

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OSINT: Corporate Recon

Most important step in the penetration testing process. There is a wealth of publicly available information from which to select information.

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Just started this OSINT quiz and thought I’d share. Email [email protected] with the SUBJECT “start” and you will receive instructions.

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Think of an answer using only what is in the picture and leave your answer in the comments. If your answer is correct, you place the next round!

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Our goal is to provide those new to OSINT with a series of free resources and simple exercises that complement each other to provide a simple road map for learning the field and honing relevant skills.

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OSINT Games CTF is a Capture The Flag (CTF) learning experience for people of all experience levels who want to challenge themselves and learn more about open source research (OSINT).

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OSINT & geolocation 2021 quiz

In this repository you will find a password-protected archive of various OSINT tasks and geolocation quizzes. Follow the white rabbit using your OSINT skills, try to find all the answers.

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Trace Labs CTF

Trace Labs is designed to be a catalyst for improving the situation of missing persons and reuniting powerful relationships families.

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If you have an object but don’t know what it is, this is the place to look for the answer. We may not know the “why”, but we can help with the “what”.

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The Insider Threat CTF

OSINT CTF to gather information about a missing person who carried out a cyber attack on the organization he worked for.

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Sourcing.Games! This tricky rabbit hole will force you to learn innovative sourcing techniques…  Sourcing.Game won’t know what you don’t know.

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Google Dorking

MuirlandOracle has created a fantastic room to explore attitudes towards how to do research in general, particularly in the context of cyber security.

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Searchlight – IMINT

In this room we will study the IMINT/GEOINT discipline, which is short for Image Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence.

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