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9 May 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

Why this program and not any other?

Why do I need a password manager, you ask. KeePass is designed for people who have a lot of them (passwords), and now it is almost everyone who understands technology and the Internet, sitting on forums, using applications to manage bank accounts, exchanges or social networks. networks. Storing your passwords on a piece of paper, in Google Chrome or in a notebook file is a century old, even though millions of personal computers can be hacked through the same network where there is so much interesting information and everyone wants to get there. People who have something to lose make sense to encrypt their passwords well and manage them easily, which is why we need KeePass. This article describes in detail how to install this software (software) on the Windows operating system, create your first encrypted password and get one step closer to being sure of the security of your personal data. It also supports installation on macOS and Linux.

This is a good question. One of the main advantages of KeePass is that it is an open-source application. Thanks to this, you can safely study the code and be sure that your passwords will not run away to the person who developed it. Also, you can save not only passwords, but also other data, such as “login” (or username), regular entries or even attachments. All this will be encrypted and access will be granted only to the person who knows the “master password”. You can upload all this in TXT, HTML, XML and CSV. Finally, I would like to add that this is not the solution to all problems, and if your system is already infected, no password manager will be able to save you from data leakage. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on this software alone, but ensure the global security of your system.

Instructions for using the KeePass password manager

Installing KeePass Password

1. If you want to run it with administrator rights.

Get to know with license favor.

2. Choose the folder where you want to install KeePass

It takes less than 4.8 Mb of free disk space.

3. Selection of components

Choose the components that you need to install; know the proportions of the components, as it is not necessary to install. Press “Dali”, if you are ready to continue.

4. Choose additional tasks

Select the addendum for which you are to blame for the hour of setting KeePass Password Safe, after which press “Dal”:

5. All ready before installation

The installer is now ready to install KeePass Password Safe on your computer.

6. Installation to be completed

KeePass Password Safe is installed on the computer.

Created a file in which passwords will be encrypted.

1. Then you need to choose File->New and enter the name of the file in which the encrypted passwords will be stored.


2. Let’s come up with a “Master” password, which will be victorious for gaining access to all saved passwords. It is desirable to make the password as complex as possible, consisting of characters of different cases, numbers and symbols.

3. You can provide data for opening the created cryptocontainer by selecting Print or skip this croc.

4. Test passwords have been created so you can see them.

5. To create a new password, right-click on the table with logins and passwords and select “Add Entry”.

6. To work with a password, right-click on the mouse in order and select the required option

7. After the completion of the work with this addendum, you need to close it by choosing one of the options. By default, you should choose Save.

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