Installing Ubuntu on Windows using WSL

12 September 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

All in One: How to Install Ubuntu on Windows 11 via WSL

Installing Ubuntu on Windows using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a quick and easy way to get access to a powerful Linux operating environment without having to install a dual boot or use a physical computer. This guide details the process of setting up Ubuntu on your Windows device via WSL. With WSL, you can easily run Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions, on your Windows computer. This opens up endless opportunities for you to develop, test and experiment in a Linux environment without the need to reboot the system. It’s time to develop your skills, learn new technologies and access the Linux universe right on your Windows computer.

By installing Ubuntu on Windows via WSL, you get the flexibility to develop and explore new Linux features without giving up the convenience of Windows. Here are some of the benefits this process can bring you: Development on two operating systems: With the ability to install Ubuntu on Windows, you can develop and test applications for both platforms without switching between computers or creating a dual boot. Learning Linux: If you are new to Linux, installing Ubuntu via WSL will allow you to familiarize yourself with the operating system without much effort. You will be able to learn and improve your skills without limits. Server administration: Ubuntu is one of the popular distributions for servers. By installing it through WSL, you can learn how to administer Linux servers and perform various tasks in a virtual environment. Advanced terminal capabilities: Linux has powerful terminal tools that make working with files, automation, and development more convenient. You will be able to use them together with the usual Windows tools. Easy development environment setup: Installing various tools and development environments on Ubuntu via WSL helps you create an optimal working environment for your tasks. Let this installation process be your first step into the world of Linux or help expand your development palette. Installing Ubuntu on Windows via WSL will help you make your operating system more versatile and functional.

Merging the worlds: Ubuntu and Windows 11 on one PC

Step 1

Click on the “Start menu” in our operating system

Step 2

We open the “Windows PowerShell” program

Step 3

After entering the command, be sure to restart your computer

Enter this command:

PS C: \WINDOWS\system32> wsl -- install -d ubuntu

Step 4

Сlick on the “Start menu” and select the Ubuntu program

Step 5

The installation is in progress, you need to wait a couple of minutes

Step 6

Let’s come up with a name for our new operating system

Step 7

We invent a password for our system

Step 8

Enter the password again

Step 9

If we see this message, then the installation was successful

Step 10

We write a command:

sudo apt install

Step 11

Congratulations, everything worked out for you. Now you can use Ubuntu on Windows 11

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