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4 May 2023 2 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Discussion forums: definition, meaning

In IT, a forum is a public discussion space (or at least open to multiple participants). Discussions there take place in the form of “chains” of messages with immediate or delayed publication; this post is often long-lived because messages don’t get deleted. By its nature, it is the work of several authors. In some subscription forums, messages may be changed by their authors a posteriori. Functionality offered by various forums (citations, presence or absence of headers, layout/indentation, administration/access rights, a priori or a posteriori moderation, etc.) Many forums require acceptance of the bylaws before participation. This statute regulates the use of the forum. The webmaster usually performs the functions of administrator and moderator, and the latter can be delegated to one or more people who use the forum. Moderators are responsible for upholding the bylaws and for limiting any conflict between participants (for example, by editing posts that cause tension or preventing new messages from being sent to a participant).

Historically, a forum is one of the oldest applications available on the Internet, and one of the most widely used. Customs and customs, generational relations and legends were formed on the forums. The wide variety of technical forms of the Internet forum testifies to its internal activity as a vector of modern globalized communication. , or even (rarely) sue his ISP.

Discussion forums


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