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2 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

What are podcasts and why should you listen to them?

The term “podcasting” was coined by the British journalist Ben Hammersley. It happened in 2004, when he combined Audible revolution words broadcasting (broadcasting) and iPod. The author proposed to name the new technological trend of delivering audio files to Apple players in this way. As a result, the entire field of content production and distribution was called podcasting, and the word “podcast” was a new format. Podcasts are audio programs that resemble classic radio programs. Most often, these are conversations or monologues on various topics: about technology, cinema, fashion, sports, science, cars, humor, and so on. The main difference from radio programs is that podcasts are distributed over the Internet. The author does not need a radio station or an expensive studio. It is enough to record on more or less normal microphones and send new episodes to listeners through special online services. Therefore, podcasts are created not only by professional announcers and journalists, but also by ordinary people. Any person who knows how to interest the audience can become a successful presenter.

Another important feature of podcasts is availability on demand. On the radio, you listen to what is currently on the air. And in the case of podcasts, the user receives recordings. He can select any episode and pause playback. The main advantage of podcasts is that they can be listened to in the background during some main activity. This especially applies to matters that do not require a lot of concentration. Or you just listen to stories from different people’s lives to relax and distract yourself from everyday problems. Podcasts allow you to spend time that is usually spent on routine, with benefit.

A selection of podcasts


Blog of citizen journalists with podcasts.

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Cyber Warrior Princess

Apple Podcasts by Cyber Warrior Princess.

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PI Perspectives

Apple Podcasts from speaker Matthew Spier.

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CYBER: A Hacking Podcast

CYBER A Hacking Podcast: Motherboard’s Hacking Podcast: Hacking, Hackers, Disinformation Campaigns, Encryption.

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The Infosec & OSINT Show

The purpose of the podcast is to share practical advice on what works and what doesn’t in information security.

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Tribe of Hackers Podcast

In this podcast, the authors of the books interview Ray [REDACTED] on various information security and information technology topics.

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Malicious Life

Cybereason’s Malicious Life tells untold stories from the history of cyber security, with commentary and reflections from real hackers, security experts, journalists and politicians.

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OSINTCurious us Podcast

OSINTCurious us Podcast is a source of quality, actionable open source intelligence news, original blogs, instructional videos, and a bi-weekly webcast/podcast.

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This podcast covers a variety of cybersecurity topics with an emphasis on openness and complete lack of misinformation. Topics may include OSINT, PAI, investigations.

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The Investigation Game

The Investigation Game provides forensic accounting and fraud investigation services to find missing money and uncover the story of what really happened. Very very useful podcast.

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The Pivot

Produced by Maltego, The Pivot podcast delves deep into topics ranging from information security to the criminal underworld. Each episode features interviews with industry experts.

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The Privacy, Security, & OSINT

This weekly podcast offers insights to help you become invisible in the digital space, protect yourself from cyber threats, and become the best investigator on the Internet.

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Krebs on Security

A blog featuring podcasts on a variety of topics from the world’s top-rated speaker.

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Hacking Humans Podcasts

Social engineering scams, phishing schemes and criminal activity that make headlines.

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Discuss the objectives of OSINT to realize the real value when solving specific tasks.

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Layer 8 Podcast

Layer 8 Podcast, conversations with social engineers and OSINT researchers who will tell their stories. Believe me, they have something to tell you. It will be very interesting.

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This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activities, hacktivism, cybercrime and everything that lives in the hidden parts of the web. This is Darknet Diaries.

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Social-engineer podcast

The Social-Engineer Blog7podcast  is an informational post designed to keep our readers up to date with current SE news related to science, research and learning.

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